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Monday, August 9, 2021
Blended Learning School in The Philippines Reedley

In the past, bookstores and school campuses were packed with people trying to complete their last-minute shopping for school supplies. This academic year though, the traditional educational setting is experiencing an unprecedented shift. The pandemic has led to the adoption of flexible learning arrangements like distance learning. And while the country is in the early stages when it comes to remote school setups, Reedley International’s blended learning school in the Philippines efficiently seeks to bridge the gaps between quality education and safe, remote learning.


What Is Blended Learning?

What Is Blended Learning

Before a child is enrolled in a blended learning school in the Philippines, parents should have an idea of what exactly “blended learning” is. In the simplest terms, blended learning is an educational approach that combines both interactive online learning and traditional classroom setups.

Blended learning programs will always have two essential elements to facilitate discussion — the student and the teacher. At its core, blending learning combines options for distance learning and face-to-face classes. Unlike traditional class setups, it’s far more flexible.

World-class schools in the country like Reedley International School can effectively transition to a blended learning school in the Philippines once the government permits face-to-face classes. Ultimately, our goal is to continue maintaining the Reesian tradition of a quality, well-rounded education and provide stability during these uncertain times.

Reedley International School is looking forward to providing a quality and safe experience as a blended learning school in the Philippines. Continue reading on how we will be able to implement this.


Why Choose Reedley’s Blended Learning School in The Philippines

Why Choose Reedley’s Blended Learning School in The Philippines

Reedley has consistently shown commitment to providing excellent and quality education through its illustrious history as an international school. As we prepare to welcome a new dawn of learning, we have developed structures and methods for our blended learning school in the Philippines that would not cause any disruption to the students’ learning cycle.

Our blended learning school in the Philippines offers both parents and students a less stressful and more flexible platform for remote education. Reedley’s blended learning programs offer a world-class mix of traditional and progressive education while responding to the current needs of the ongoing circumstances.


Choices for Desired Learning Mode Every Grading Period

As Reesians in heart, mind, and spirit, we aim for students to do well in school, but we also ensure they recognize we are dedicated to keeping them safe for their bright and prosperous future ahead.

At Reedley International School, we understand that parents have their fair share of concerns when it comes to attending face-to-face classes. This is why as a blended learning school in the Philippines, parents and students are allowed to discuss whether they will choose to go for distance learning or face-to-face classes before the start of every grading period. If you want to shift to a different learning mode for the next grading period, you are free to do so.

Please do note that there are a few limitations to keep in mind when enrolling in our blended learning school in the Philippines:

  • Only one section per grade level will have a slot for face-to-face learning. Additionally, the number of students in the said section will depend on social distancing capacities.
  • There will be a minimum number of students needed in order for face-to-face learning to push through. In the case that we fail to meet the said minimum number, the students will be automatically enrolled for distance learning instead.
  • We will enroll students for face-to-face learning on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you lose your desired slot in the first grading period, keep in mind that Reedley International is a flexible blended learning school in the Philippines. Shifting from one learning mode to another every grading period is allowed.


Stringent Health Protocols

For students who choose to enroll in Reedley’s face-to-face classes, the school is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment by complying with local health protocols. The on-site clinic will strictly implement safety habits to protect the health of everyone on campus as well.

Here are some of the health protocols to be observed in Reedley International’s blended learning school in the Philippines:

  • No face mask, no face shield, no entry policy
  • Contactless temperature checks (anyone with a temperature of 37.5°C and above will be asked to go home)
  • Contact tracing
  • Tables and chairs will be set up to accommodate social distancing
  • Floor signage for social distancing
  • Proper air circulation systems to ensure stagnant air is not retained
  • Acrylic barriers will be placed where social interactions frequently occur (learning areas, lobby guard, reception, selected offices)
  • The cafeteria will serve only packed meals
  • Frequent sanitation
  • Availability of sanitizing agents across the school (tissue, hand washing stations, hand sanitizers)


Available to all Grade Levels

Reedley’s blended learning school in the Philippines opens its doors to grade school and high school levels. Each blended learning program has been curated to provide age-appropriate education to students who have enrolled and for parents seeking the best quality education for their child.

For our grade school blended program, we offer flexibility and safety for students by allowing them to choose between face-to-face learning or distance learning. Grade school students in face-to-face classes will do the same activities as online students.

Each academic day is structured around academic consultations, clubs, reading of honors, word count, virtual field trips, battle maths, projects, breaks, and other opportunities for learning with other students.

Incoming face-to-face high school students, on the other hand, will also typically engage in periods of joined lessons with distance learning students that combine both synchronous and asynchronous activities. There will be classes for music, art, information technology, SHS 12 Capstone, physical education, and more. Please note that foreign language, advanced placement classes, back subjects, and events will be exclusively done via distance learning.


Instant Feedback from Professional Educators for Distance Learning Students

Assessments at Reedley’s blended learning school in the Philippines are done in a timely manner. For students, this allows them to gauge their academic performance. We understand the inherent challenge of adapting to distance learning, which is why our educators make it a point to guide each student on the right path through feedback.

Likewise, many of our educators have been trained in using the designated online materials for every blended class. With a Level 1 Google Certification, this allows them to hand out individualized instructions and assessments through the GSuite for Education learning platform. Let this be our assurance to parents that their children are in safe, able hands, who prioritizes students’ development in a distance learning setup.


Online Counselling

Even under extraordinary circumstances, Reedley still stands firm in its stance to provide only a nurturing and well-rounded education for each student, no matter the age, race, or background. We take great pains to ensure that we cultivate a learning environment that is free from bullying and harassment in all forms, both in and out of the classroom.

This is why for anyone struggling with issues about or outside their academic life, Reedley offers live counseling options through our trained Life Coaches. They will conduct regular welfare checks on each student as a way of maintaining excellent health throughout all aspects of development.


Engaging Offline Activities

Balanced education has always been at the heart of our blended learning school in the Philippines. This is why our distance learning students are given the opportunity to take their learning beyond the four corners of their little study space at home. Much of the discussion around remote learning to date revolves around only virtual activities, but there should also be a consideration on students’ screen time.

With this understanding, Reedley sees to it that distance learning students also have ample time to socialize and interact with their peers. Many of our classes may be conducted virtually, but they are also supplemented with off-screen activities that encourage students to collaborate and brainstorm on fresh ideas with one another.

If you’re worried that your child is spending too much time staring at a screen during their classes, our option for face-to-face learning is viable for striking the perfect balance in their academic journey.

Using the latest tools and technology in blended education, all our students have the chance to further their skills and knowledge through collaboration no matter what learning method they choose from Reedley.


Benefits of Blended Learning

Benefits of Blended Learning

Blended learning was born out of a need to continually educate students in the best way possible while adjusting to the effects of the pandemic. This academic approach offers a number of benefits for many students.


Learning Flexibility

Blended learning programs combine both aspects of distance learning and face-to-face classes. Students are offered flexibility as they can choose their learning method. Both are flexible as there is little to no disruption of the learning cycle. Students can choose to learn at home or on the campus itself.


Improved Safety

Finally, enrolling a child in a blended learning school in the Philippines improves safety.

Distance learning classes are done at the comfort of one’s home, while face-to-face classes are executed with only the strictest health protocols and guidelines in mind. Parents can guarantee that their children get the education they deserve in a safe and feasible manner.


Enroll Your Child at one of the Top Blended Learning Schools in The Philippines: Reedley!

As a private school in Pasig, Reedley has been one of the top international schools in the country for many years now. Since then, we have been the most sought-after international school for quality educational programs that meet both local and international standards.

Our blended learning school in the Philippines aims to continue this legacy through embracing Reesian traditional and progressive values with our blended classes. As we all continue to navigate the pandemic through online classes for kids in the Philippines, it’s crucial that top-notch education still takes the fore for progress and development for current and succeeding generations to come.

Learn more about our blended learning program by clicking here or contact us for more information. Give your child a chance at a world-class education, only at Reedley International School.


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