5 Things a Dad Can Do to Make a Lifelong Difference

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

One of the most special life experiences you could encounter is becoming a parent. For fathers alike, one could say that fatherhood is not always a walk in the park. It has become very much apparent that this role is important in any household, because of their unique responsibilities, and some of the best international schools in Manila are here to help them ensure that this parent-children relationship will be further strengthened.

If you are a father, then you should know that there are some significant life skills you could impart to your children, for them to grow up into a kind and capable people. Here are some examples:



1.  Helping Your Children Deal with Frustration and Failure

Some of the hardest feelings your children could face at a young age are frustration and failure. Seeing them hurt by these things is hard. However, it is important to remember that these could also present you the opportunity to teach your kids how to properly deal with them.

Frustration and failure can lead to anger and resentment, especially if they were not dealt with properly. This is why helping your children become better people from such experiences is important.

Telling your children that failure is another step in learning is a good first step in helping them overcome it and improve from it. As an experienced adult and as their father, you could easily impart your learnings from your past experiences with your children. By doing so, you will be showing them that these things are simply part of growing up.


2.  Teach Your Children How to Deal with Money

One of the most important things your children should learn as they get older is how to deal with money. Money is a very vital resource that should be handled with care, which means educating your children to know its value even at a young age would help them in the long run.

Perhaps the simplest thing you could impart to your kids is how to save money. As a dad, you could share the significant things you’ve learned over the years about handling money the right way. You could tell them that emergencies can strike at any moment; therefore, they should be prepared by setting aside some cash early on and being able to differentiate between their needs and wants.


3.  Teach Your Children Basic Life Skills

Basic life skills are important for children to learn early in their lives. This is because these skills will become so much more essential once they reach adulthood. In short, these things will prepare them for their future.

There are several things that can fall under basic life skills. They include the following:

  • Simple housework like cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry
  • Proper etiquette such as how to do an appropriate handshake as well as how to greet your colleagues and bosses in the corporate world
  • Sufficient survival skills (e.g. making and putting out fire)
  • How to change a flat tire

Being a father means that you are probably the most experienced person in your household to teach your kids these things. Equip them with this knowledge and you can be sure that they will be ready to take on anything that comes their way.


4.  Teach Them the Value of Discipline

The value of discipline is another thing that your children can learn from you. It is significant to determine that discipline does not only mean being proper, it also signifies following rules and regulations, being aware of what you can and cannot do, as well as showing honesty and integrity.

Ultimately, teaching your kids to be disciplined is shaping them to become people of character.


5.  Teaching Your Kids the Value of Hard Work

Instilling the values of hard work in your children’s lives is another thing no one can teach better than dads. After all, dads are best known for reminding us to be tough and just keep going.

There are a number of things that you could do in order to teach them this value. You could ask them to do some housework like washing the plates and cleaning the car. You could even tell them that they would be receiving cash for a new pair of shoes in return for their hard work. By letting them do these things, you are showing them that working hard truly does pay off in the end.



Key Takeaway

As their father, you (along with their mother) have the most impact on their growth and their development into adulthood. This means that whatever lessons and skills that you teach your children during their early years, would surely come in handy once they go to college and eventually into the workplace.

Essentially, helping your children gain, learn, and imbibe these things would be the greatest gift they will ever have received from you.


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