Best Alternative Activities to Social Media and Videogames

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Best Alternative Activities to Social Media and Videogames

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. While it has allowed us to have a much easier access to information and a quicker way to get in touch with our loved ones, it also has tons of features that make it increasingly addictive — which can ultimately lead to a decline in productivity.

If you have children studying in the best international schools in Manila, then you know that they are not impervious to this. As someone born in the Internet age, they are also very prone to being ensnared by this technology craze.

Social media and video games are what students often frequent. The thing about these two is that it is quite difficult to keep track of time when you’re immersed in them. Before you know it, hours have already passed and you still haven’t done anything remotely productive, which can be a serious problem for your children.

However, there are multitudes of activities that they can indulge in — that is, aside from these two. Below, we listed alternate hobbies that your kids could take part in.





The importance of reading can never be stressed enough. If your children weren’t exposed to books when they were younger, then maybe it’s about time they start surrounding themselves with reading materials.

Aside from being an excellent source of knowledge, books can also strengthen their reading comprehension. Plus, they can also opt for materials that capture their fancy — from fantasy young adult novels to inspirational nonfiction books.



Are your children interested in writing? Then, they should veer away from Facebook and start working on that story that has always been brewing in their heads. However, it doesn’t even have to be stories. It can be their reflections on their everyday lives, their surroundings, and the like; perhaps they could start a blog, where they could put all their writings on.

What’s more important is that they get to write regularly. This is also a way for them to enhance their writing skills. As they always say, practice is key.


Learning a new language

Instead of playing DotA or other computer games, you can have them learn that language they have always been interested in. You can enroll them in actual classes if you want. However, there are also other alternatives such as downloading apps like Duolingo and Memrise.

Duolingo is an award-winning platform that makes language learning incredibly easy and fun. Memrise, on the other hand, breaks down lessons into smaller and more digestible chunks.


Furthering their knowledge

With the advent of the Internet, any kind of information is practically within our grasp. Anything, indeed, can be learned. This has given rise to online learning platforms called Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs.

MOOC sites have a vast array of topics to choose from. Are your children passionate about art history, or maybe they are quite adept at programming? They can basically learn anything that they fancy.

Furthermore, most of these MOOC websites are adjunct to prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and MIT. Your children will be receiving a world-class education from the comforts of your home. This is a perfect complement to the learning that your children are receiving in one of the best international schools in Manila.

Some of the famous MOOC platforms are Coursera, edX, Khan Academy, and Udemy.  Those who want to have a basic idea of programming languages can check out Codecademy, where learning about programming is made enjoyable and easy.


Watching TED videos

Do you catch your children spending time watching game-related videos even when they aren’t playing? If that’s the case, then you can introduce them to TED videos, which feature talks on a wide range of topics — all delivered by the experts in their respective fields. Ultimately, this is a marvelous way of giving them a glimpse of certain subject matters.


Playing a musical instrument

It’s never too late to learn a musical instrument. Ask them which one they’ll be interested in learning and then you can opt to find talented teachers to coach them. Instead of poring over their computer screens for hours just playing video games, they can practice that piano etude or that new Mozart piece.


Going physical

If your children are more on the athletic side, then you can suggest that they work out or try a new sport. This is also another fun and productive way of utilizing their time.



Even the students studying in the best international schools in Manila are susceptible to becoming stressed. Letting them meditate or practice yoga exercises guarantees that not only their bodies are in shape, but their minds too.


Key Takeaway

Technology is ubiquitous. In fact, we probably can’t survive anymore without the aid of this innovation these days. Aside from being a blessing, however, technology can also be a curse, especially for students. It’s inevitable that they’ll sometimes find themselves spending a lot of time on social media and video games.

Instead of letting these hamper their productivity, they can indulge in the given activities that will grant them a smarter use of their time.


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