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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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Effective Ways to Boost Your Child’s Focus

blog post

A proactive and caring environment is what most academic institutions – such as an international school in the Philippines – aim to bestow to their students. They also encourage the parents to participate in providing a similar setting for their children so that they can work hand-in-hand in boosting their focus.

Helping your kid maintain focus would allow him to enrich his learning development, therefore, gaining more opportunities to celebrate academic and life victories with you. Focusing on schoolwork translates to other aspects of your child’s life. Through it, he could find fruitful discoveries or learn about his passion.

Let’s delve into some effective ways that you can do to improve his focus.


Assigning Homework Hour

Establishing and sticking to a routine is arguably one of the best ways that could help maintain focus because constant and consistent productivity naturally follows it.

Good study habits are formed when there is a pattern that cements its purpose. Assigning a ‘homework hour’ every day conditions his mind to know that this is the time to concentrate, making your child all the more willing to study.


Take Short Breaks Before a New Task

It is also important to take a few short breaks to prevent information overload or burning out. When your child is stuck on a task, you could tell him that it is okay to take a breather, as long as he picks up where he left off.

Allow him the chance to work at his own pace; this ultimately helps him move along his discovery and learning process.


Download Distraction Free Applications

It is a challenge to stay focused when distractions are present. Students, who could be doing their research online, may get sidetracked. As a result, they get delayed in finishing their homework.

Fortunately, there are a few tech-savvy apps that can help prevent these disruptions. Parents can opt to download concentration-centered plugins and applications like StayFocused or Focus Booster. They eliminate social media browsing and other sources of procrastination. By doing it this way, your child can do research without veering away from the task at hand.


Create Mind Maps

According to Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and the author of renowned books about social and emotional learning, one of the ways to boost focus is to create mind maps.

Essentially, mind maps are these formulations of specific ways to relate various ideas seamlessly. For example, you could try to come up with keywords which are essential to the topic that children encounter in their lessons at school.

This is an effective method for developing a deeper understanding of a certain topic, which is useful in enhancing both focus and memory.


Key Takeaway

Globally competent students from international schools in the Philippines thrive on succeeding at whatever task they are assigned to. This is attributed to their commitment to focus and concentration, which ultimately supports their progressive learning development.

Try applying the suggested ways mentioned above to instill the same values in your child.