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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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Helping Your Child Achieve Through SMART Goals

blog post

Helping your children achieve their best is the main goal of any international school in Manila. Being in this kind of educational institution would give your children the best opportunities for their future, as their globally competent curriculum equips them with the essential skills that they need. It is also important, as parents, to help them achieve the steps that they should take to get to their goals.

With this in mind, one of the best ways to do this is by teaching them how to do SMART goals. Here are the steps that you can do to help your children know more about SMART goals, and how they could achieve more by using it:


What are SMART Goals?

To start things off, SMART is an acronym which stands for:


S – Smart – The goal that your children have in mind must be well-defined and clear. Ask them this question: What do they want to achieve?

M – Measurable – Your children must be able to identify exactly what they want to achieve. Ask them this question: What are the steps that must be done to achieve that goal?

A – Attainable – The goal must be realistic, tangible, and must be within the realms of possibility. Ask them this question: Is this goal a tangible one?

R – Relevant – Your children must know the importance and the implications of attaining that goal. Ask them this question: What is the purpose of their goal?

T – Time-based – Your children’s goal must have a definite time period for it to be accomplished. Ask them this question: Is this goal possible within the amount of time that is set?


Using SMART goals is a great way to be able to have a definite direction when it comes to achieving the goals that your children want to accomplish. Now that you know what SMART goals are, here are some ways that you can do as a parent to help your children utilize them to the fullest:


Plan it all out

One of the first steps that your children must do when it comes to setting goals for themselves is to be able to plan it properly. As their parent, you could assist them during the whole process and give them inputs that they can use.

Keep in mind that having a concrete and sound plan would help accomplish that goal in the end.


Write them down

It is best to write them down so that your children would not only be able to remember it better, but also ensure that they would commit to it.

Having a constant reminder will make sure that your children are doing the things they need to do to be able to achieve their intended goal. You could also tell them to create a to-do list, so that they would be able to track down all the tasks that they have accomplished during the day. By doing so, all of you get to know how close they are to their goals.


Balance responsibilities

Although doing things to get closer to your children’s goals is a great thing, be sure to remind them of any other responsibilities as well. These commitments can be related to their school, friends, and family. It would be better if your children could create short-term goals for these responsibilities to guide them even further.


Reward your children

While the ultimate reward is achieving the goal itself, you can give your children rewards for each milestone that they have accomplished that gets them closer to their intended goal. This would help them become more motivated as well as reinforce and encourage them to keep moving forward.



Key Takeaway

Everyone has a goal that they want to accomplish during their lives – whether they are short-term goals or long-term goals. By using SMART, you will be able to ensure that your children will be taking the right steps in accomplishing their goals in life.

The next time that your children want to accomplish a goal, it is best to make sure that they are SMART.