How to Beat Test Anxiety

Monday, December 18, 2017
How to Beat Test Anxiety

One of the biggest challenges of students, whether they go to an international school in Manila, or a university in the U.S. or Europe, is taking difficult tests and exams

Taking a test requires a good amount of preparation before being able to do so. This means truly putting some time into studying and practicing related to the subject. Unfortunately, it can take a toll on students mentally, to the point that they may get test anxiety. Having this condition may affect a student’s performance negatively, which could cause low grades. As a parent, it is best to find ways to help your children deal with anxiety and help them be confident test takers. Here are effective methods that can aid your children beat test anxiety:



Pick a Study Method that is Comfortable

One of the reasons why students begin to have test anxiety is that they do not have a study method and environment that is comfortable for them. Being comfortable while studying is essential, as it leads your children to be more relaxed mentally and physically, which helps increase their focus. A comfortable study environment can be at home, school, library, or a quiet café. If your children are able to find the right environment to study, then they are able to prepare for their test properly.

When it comes to studying methods, there are many effective ways to help them study for the test; picking one that is simple and efficient is the best route to take. It is advisable to break down each subject topic and divide information accordingly so that your children would be able to absorb the information better. When reviewing equations, it is best to let them practice them repeatedly. By doing so, they will be able to master them and attain higher scores in tests.



Get Good Sleep before the Test Day

Studying for a test takes a lot of your children’s time and energy, which in turn, would tire them out even before the test day itself. This might cause them to perform below par and negatively affect the result of their test.

To prevent this from happening, encourage them to take breaks every day to relax and calm their minds. Apart from this, be sure that they are able to sleep early the night before to give them enough energy. Good sleep helps recharge the mind and body, which will ensure that your children won’t be tired when they take the test.


Get to School or Testing Area Early

Punctuality is one key trait that your children must hone every single day that they go to school – which is also beneficial when they begin working in the future. On the day of the test, make sure they wake up and prepare early enough to be able to arrive early in the test area or in school if it is given on the first subject of the day. Being early for the test helps remove the feeling of needing to rush, which can cause test anxiety. At the end of the day, being punctual does wonders for your children’s focus and confidence, which ultimately benefits them during the test itself.


Keep Calm and Stay Positive

One thing that could enter your children’s minds when they finally take the test – no matter how prepared they are – is panic. This can get them really flustered and confused, which can cause them to perform badly on their test. As a parent, you could teach them how to calm down, breathe for a bit, and focus on the task that needs to be accomplished. Getting them composed will help boost their confidence and aid them to do well on their tests.

Positive thinking is also another good attitude to practice when taking a test. A lot of students will definitely get worried about getting a low score. This is one of the major causes of test anxiety and negative test performances. It is important to encourage your children to look into the positive outcomes and show them that through hard work and perseverance, they would be able to excel in their test.


Help Them Cope with Failure

Failure is one of the biggest fears of both children and adults, which is why helping them cope with failure early in their lives would help strengthen them. Should your children be unable to reach their intended results in a test, tell them that this is another learning experience that will help them grow and improve.


Key Takeaway

Taking a test is always a major challenge whatever the subject or topic is, which is why it is best to help your children deal with test anxiety by following the tips listed above. Being able to beat this condition helps your children have a stronger character, improved focus, and perform better academically.


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