The 3 Best Preschools in Pasig, Metro Manila

Friday, October 21, 2022
The 3 Best Preschools in Pasig, Metro Manila

What are the best preschools in Pasig, Metro Manila? 

  1. Reedley Kindergarten School
  2. Mulberry Kids Preschool
  3. Cambridge Child Development Centre


Preschool is a big step for both parents and children. To the children, this is their first opportunity for socialization with other kids their age. It will also be time for them to learn in a different environment without their parents.                             

There are many preschools in Pasig that are excellent choices for your kids. Each school offers different approaches to learning. Take the time to read on each one and how they provide students with the best possible education. 


Reedley Kindergarten School

Established in 1999, the Reedley Kindergarten School provides children with a theme-based curriculum that provides them with a delicate balance between play and routine-based activities. They are grounded on international standards and have a holistic multi-disciplinary approach to their students. 

The faculty at Reedley combines the best practices from traditional and progressive approaches. They call this the synergy between the two the unique Reedley Synergized Learn Approach. With this, you can expect your child to follow structured routines inside a classroom. With the aid of their teachers, they learn about literacy and numeracy, as well as life skills, study habits, and memory strategies. 

As their second parents, teachers at Reedley strive to nurture their students. Each of them does their best to give kids individual attention and guidance when it comes to their schoolwork. They find a way to blend all subjects by connecting themes in literacy, numeracy, and humanities during their lessons. 

This international preschool in Pasig City follows a child-based curriculum. Here, the school and teachers believe that all children are naturally inclined to learn. Reedley strives for its students to do so in a secure and nurturing environment. 


Mulberry Kids Preschool

The Mulberry Kids Preschool in Pasig City is the first progressive school in the Philippines. In progressive schools, they shy away from the rote learning that traditional schools are known for. They aim to stimulate the minds of children through creative learning and collaborative work. 

This is also the first progressive school in the Philippines to use the high-scope approach. The faculty at Mulberry Preschool believe that all children are active learners. As their teachers, they support and help them engage in endeavors to learn through random yet creative activities. 

At the core of the high-scope approach is the belief that children learn best when they pursue their personal goals and interests. You can see that the children at Mulberry school are given the choice to pick the activities and materials on their schedule. This is done hand-in-hand with teacher-directed activities to give the children a little bit of structure, too. 

As a school, the Mulberry Kids Preschool encourages its students to engage in inclusive play. This provides them with good building blocks for respect and creating their first friends outside their family. 

The core values of Mulberry Kids Preschool shape the students they have even at a young age. Teachers and parents do their best to become exemplary role models for their students. This is done in every healthy group interaction and school event. 

Cambridge Child Development Centre

Cambridge Child Development Centre is a Singapore international preschool established in the Philippines in 1993. Today, they have over 15 centers all over the country, including one in Pasig City.

They aim to give their students a comprehensive childcare program. This combines various approaches and philosophies such as multiple intelligences, Montessori methods, and the Vygotskian framework. By doing so, they create an all-inclusive approach to their student’s education. 

This international preschool follows a structured routine that begins with individualized learning and ends with storytelling daily. They can achieve this through nurturing and qualified teachers. In turn, they can create a conducive, loving, and safe learning environment. Here, children are able to freely explore, create, and learn alongside their classmates. 

They implemented the PBEM x iSteam curriculum that encourages their students to explore and innovate the world around them. They prepare kids with real-world problem-solving while giving them creative solutions. Children are also given open-ended exploration of interesting topics in different age-appropriate ways. 

Key Takeaway

There are many preschools in Pasig that are excited to welcome your child to their roster of students. Take the time to read about the different approaches and curriculums each preschool has. If you can, do a site visit to see the teachers in action. This can be the best way for you to find out if the school will be a good fit for your child. 

If you’re looking for an international preschool in Pasig City, Philippines,, contact us here at Reedley. The Reedley Kindergarten School has a caring and positive environment for your child to excel and learn. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our curriculum at the Reedley Kindergarten School. 


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