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News and Updates

Reedley Celebrates its 18th Birthday!

On September 7, 2017, the entire student body and faculty and staff celebrated Reedley International School’s 18th Foundation Day at the Reedley Gym. It was a fun event where special presentations by students from the different departments were showcased to show appreciation for our beloved school. There were a total of 18 special presentations to commemorate each year that Reedley has been espousing the values of Family, Nurture, Self-Discipline and Self Actualization.

Some of the presentations came from the Powerjive Club,  the Reedley Rhapsody and the members of the cast of The Tragedy of Macbeth.  That day was full of graceful dances and soulful singing by students from all levels, and lastly, a surprise number from the faculty and staff of Reedley.

The Student Council was able to express their thankfulness to Reedley through the inspiring speech of the Student Council President Angela Aguila of SHS 12 – STEM. Her 18 Candles Speech spoke of the areas which she was thankful in Reedley for.  After the speech, the Student Council presented Mrs. Nellie Aquino-Ong a birthday cake as a token of love to the school.

Mrs. Nellie Aquino gave a moving speech that looked back at the roots of Reedley and what it really meant to be part of the Reedley family.

In the end, the event was a sure success that brought cheers and a sense of gratefulness for the 18 years of Reedley International School.