Simple Study Hacks to Apply at Home

Thursday, April 30, 2020

As a parent, helping your child study at home may be one of the most challenging things you’d have to do. Because of the current quarantine situation, students would do well to learn how to study well while they are at home. Fortunately, there are many home study hacks you can practice at home to help your child achieve the best learning outcomes.

The home environment may be starkly different from the classroom setup that your child is accustomed to. For this reason, you should teach your child some study hacks that will help them adjust and adapt to their new learning environment.

With these study hacks, you’ll be able to improve your child’s remote learning habits in no time. Continue reading to learn more.


Recite instead of reading

One of the benefits of studying from home is the high level of freedom and accessibility to many comforts and resources. Having said that, one study hack you can teach your child is to tell them to recite their lessons out loud, instead of just simply reading them.

By allowing your child to recite, they are able to retain a larger volume of information in their memory. It would also be helpful if they could recite it to someone who can check whether what they have narrated is correct or not.

For this hack to be more effective, you should ensure your child is studying in a remote part of your home that is free from unnecessary distractions. This is so that they wouldn’t be disturbed and at the same time, wouldn’t disturb other people who might also be working from home.

Reciting out loud greatly improves your child’s memory retention skills, helping them more easily answer an exam.


Use free study apps

Learning from home is a great opportunity to use devices that you may not usually be allowed or accessible in school. With your assistance, your child can use this study hack of downloading free study apps on your phone.

There are apps that make learning more difficult subjects like math, easier for your children. These apps feature educational games filled with interactive visuals to help your child understand complex concepts in algebra or even geometry. Using a series of easy-to-understand concepts, these apps also enable your child to work their way towards the more difficult topics.


Categorize the subjects

Nothing creates a more distracting environment than disorder. When your child is studying too many topics at a time, they can be overwhelmed by the volume of information they have to learn. This may lead them to not know how to start studying or what topics to begin reviewing. To enable your child to work effectively, help them categorize their subjects into more manageable chunks.

One tip you can follow in organizing subjects is to begin first with the topics that your child is experiencing the highest level of difficulty in. This allows them to devote more time to mastering topics and focusing their energy towards understanding more challenging concepts. Once they’ve done this, they can easily move towards subjects they’re more comfortable with.


Key Takeaway

Studying from home can be a major adjustment curve in your child’s learning process. They may not easily get used to this change in their environment. As such, your job as a parent is to help your child manage this change through a series of home study hacks that can easily be applied with or without your assistance.

When coming up with home study techniques, a good piece of advice is to always be creative and to continually experiment. The simple guide above has hopefully provided you with a starting point on achieving this endeavor.


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