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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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Teaching Your Child the Value of Perseverance

blog post

Enrolling your child in the best international school in Manila not only means that he will have access to quality education, but it also signifies that he will be able to adapt the key values that would help him become the best version of himself. After all, teaching important values is a significant element of learning, and most private schools in Manila make it an utmost priority.

Perseverance is one of these values. For an individual to have it means that he has the strength, character, and determination to go through different kinds of challenges and obstacles and be able to overcome them. It is a very valuable lesson that your child will carry with him, even as he reaches adulthood. Learning this ensures that it will become one of his defining traits that would benefit his future.

While schools teach the value of perseverance to their students, it is vital for parents to practice it in their homes, too. Here are a few effective ways for you to do so:



Encourage and Recognize

One of the best ways to instill and enforce perseverance to your child is by encouraging him. It also helps for you to recognize his efforts. As a parent, it is best to become your child’s biggest motivator.

Whenever your child wants to try something new, it is best to encourage him. If he is able to accomplish things like getting high marks on a test or winning a competition, praise him and recognize his efforts and his perseverance. As a result, he will want to do more of it.



Be a Role Model to Your Children

Children learn through mimicry and memory; having positive role models — such as parents and teachers — that they can follow enables them to learn better. When it comes to teaching perseverance, you could lead by example and show them how they can be a hard-working, perseverant person.

You may also use everyday scenarios to educate them about this value. For example, if one of your gadgets stopped working, show them how to properly react by patiently trying to fix the issue, instead of getting angry at the circumstance.



Show Them Stories of Perseverance

Other than having positive role models, another way to inspire and motivate them to persevere is by sharing stories about people who have overcome different challenges and became successful through their perseverance. Some famous people that you could talk about include the following:


  • Michael Jordan – One of the greatest basketball players of all time was once denied a spot in his school varsity team in high school.


  • Harland Sanders – Founded the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken at the age of 62; it later grew into one of the most successful fast-food franchises in the world.


  • Nick Vujicic – He is an Australian motivational speaker, who was born with no limbs, but has managed to inspire millions of people with his speeches about getting up.


  • Sean Swarner – A cancer survivor that was able to scale the Seven Summits, which are the highest mountains on each continent.


  • Jessica Cox – A woman born with no arms that became a licensed pilot. She is also a Taekwondo black belter.


These stories show how one can overcome challenges through perseverance and would help inspire your child to achieve the best of his abilities.


Help Your Children Cope with Failure

One of the most challenging setbacks that your child can experience is failure in any form. This is especially true since it can negatively affect his behavior, which may lead to discouragement and demotivation.

When dealing with this, it is best to teach him that his failures do not define his entire being. Tell him that they are inevitable. But through them, he could learn new and exciting things along the way.


Key Takeaway

There are many values that your child should learn, but perseverance should be one of his foundations. With these effective methods, you would be able to play a major role in your child’s success.