The RKS curriculum aims to prepare the young learner to enter Lower School by providing a strong foundation in five areas of development, namely in the Cognitive, Socio-Emotional, Psychomotor, Communication and Self-Help areas of development.


In line with the school’s ESLRs, the RKS curriculum focuses on the Cognitive areas of Literacy and Numeracy. The following section presents the program for these two domains.


The RKS Literacy Program, based on the Ohio Academic Standards and Skills, is a beginning reading course that covers the five components of reading instruction. These components are PHONEMIC AWARENESS or the knowledge and manipulation of sounds in spoken words, PHONICS or the relationship between written and spoken letters and sounds, READING FLUENCY or the ability to read with accuracy, and with appropriate rate, expression, and phrasing, VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT or the knowledge of words, their definitions, and context; and READING COMPREHENSION STRATEGIES or the understanding of meaning in text.

The program addresses the different developmental literacy needs of the students with emphasis on acquiring basic comprehension, speaking, listening, and writing skills. The program is designed on a literature-based approach wherein reading skills are integrated within the context of read-alouds, shared, guided, and independent reading.


RKS uses the Singapore Math approach in teaching Math concepts to Kindergarten students. Through Singapore Math, students gain an understanding of Math concepts by actively training them to think as they work through each step of a concept. At RKS, we introduce the students to Singapore Math by encouraging critical thinking skills through puzzles, pattern series, use of picture graphs and other visual and kinesthetic representations. Engaging in active numeracy thinking helps the child understand, appreciate, and love math.


The RKS program focuses on the developmental GROSS MOTOR SKILLS and FINE MOTOR SKILLS which are essential to the holistic development of pupils at the preschool age.


The RKS curriculum prepares the pupils for the Reedley Life Skills program by teaching practical daily tasks and how to accomplish these tasks independently.


As stated in the ESLRs, at HEART, we wish to form students who are kind and respectful to others. Essential values to help mold the RKS children into well-rounded individuals will be taught.


The RKS curriculum provides the foundation for pupils to express themselves orally. This prepares the pupils for the social interaction they will encounter in Lower School 1 inside and outside of the classroom.