We are pretty happy with the education our child receives at Reedley. At the beginning we weren’t sure how our daughter will adjust to this school since we recently moved to Manila. However, with such caring and loving teachers, she has adjusted very well and loves going to school. We like the curriculum that they follow for kindergarten which is very interesting for the kids and they are learning the basics well.

Krishna Muniramaiah
mother of Rutwe (K2)

Thank you so much for this one and for your leadership and management at K-level at Reedley.

With (from another school) or without bullying experience, our child is having a great time at Reedley. We believe a child schooled at Reedley will fully realize his/her full potential at crucial times...and that is everyday of a child's life because that is our experience at Reedley.

Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie Paz
parents of Hannah Margaret Paz (K2)

We considered different schools and have done several trial classes before finally deciding to enroll Luis at Reedley. When he started school at age 3, we never thought Luis will be so enthusiastic to go to school every day. He does his assignment diligently and has learned to be friends with all his classmates in school. We love the friendly and nurturing environment in school and are not worried about our kid being bullied. We are happy that we made the right choice.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gamboa
parents of Luis Miguel (K2)

Like any other parent, I was apprehensive in choosing a school for my child. I felt such a big responsibility because I know this decision will be a part of my child’s future.

When I first went to Reedley, I knew I was looking for something different. I was praying for a school that would nurture my daughter as a whole person that can see her as more than her test scores or even the leg braise that she wears.

These past few months in Reedley, I can say that Reedley is all that and more. Reedley teachers attend to the needs of each student. They are committed and compassionate to their students. This shows exciting and innovative ways in imparting knowledge as oppose to the more traditional setting.

My daughter’s confidence in herself in school has greatly improved. She is happy to go to school every day and excited to learn what her teacher’s topic for the day. As a mother, there are no words to express my gratitude to all the Reedley teachers and administrative officers for giving my child the opportunity to study in this prestigious school.

Mrs. Rhanee Chua
mother of Heather Chua (K2)