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"As Reesians in heart, mind, and spirit, we promote compassion, care, and love for others even during these uncertain times, helping students realize that through commitment and dedication, a bright and prosperous future awaits them."

- Dr. William Edward Tackett, Headmaster

Synergized Learning Approach

Synergized Learning Approach

We combine the best practices of progressive and traditional education to nurture successful and excellent students who are kind and compassionate at heart, in mind, and in spirit.

Our academic curriculum has a set of routines, structures, and standards in place. We teach Life Skills, study habits, memory strategies, test-taking skills, and problem solving so that our students know how to think critically, decide soundly, and apply knowledge in practical and real-life situations.

Our teachers nurture our students by giving personalized attention and guidance. We teach literacy, numeracy, and the humanities without focusing on rote learning, but by removing the boundaries between these subjects and creating connections within them.


Why Reedley

5 Essentials of

Reedley Education

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Anti-Bullying Program

Anti-Bullying Program

We are a proud Anti-Bullying school. We do not tolerate all forms of bullying.

90% Passing Rate to Top 5 Local & Foreign Colleges

92% Passing Rate to Top 5 Local & Foreign Colleges

We ensure that our students are prepared for the college entrance tests.

International Accreditation & Curriculum

International Accreditation & Curriculum

We ensure that our students become globally competent young learners and leaders.

Nurturing Environment

Nurturing Environment

Our teachers give each child the care and focus that he or she needs and deserves.

Life Skills Program

Life Skills Program

Our flagship program gives our students a holistic education by helping them develop strategies for practical and real-life applications.


At A Glance


WASC Accreditation (2019-2025)


Nationalities of Reesians


Years of Learning and Nurturing

12 to 28

Students per class


Curriculum for Math and Science


Curriculum for other subjects


Passing Rate to Top 5 local and foreign Colleges


After-school activities and organizations


Storey building with 10,000 sqm. floor area

What Matters Most.

Happy Students.
Lifelong Achievers.

You've created a place where many children are able to grow and find themselves.

Tippy D.S.


I think Reedley is a kind place. Reedley helps me learn that bullying is bad. Everyone in Reedley makes me happy. Teachers help me be smart.

Maya A.


I thank you for Reedley because I would be nothing without [this school]. In life, two most important things for me are my FAMILY and SCHOOL. When I came to Reedley I found both of those things.

Noah I.


I have learned countless lessons both academic and non-academic in my 11 years here in Reedley. Every academic lesson I learned from first grade up until fourth year here is what's making sure that I pass University but what really formed me as a person are the lessons that can't be taught on whiteboard. Here, children will be nurtured and more importantly will learn how to nurture not only themselves but those around them as well. Students were helping each other out and more importantly, teachers were always eager to help out students in what way they can.

Renmar S.C.


I used to be okay with just being "okay". I never really saw my potential. But as Reedley put it, each child is an achiever. I could not agree more. Starting from my study habits, which changed ever since I went here, to the discipline that I didn't know I can acquire, Reedley continuously helps in equipping us with the traits and values that we need in our lives.

Polo C.


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Founded in 1999, RIS is a private, non-sectarian, non-traditional, co-educational school in Pasig City, Metro Manila with the mission and vision of nurturing globally competent and kind students in a happy and caring environment.

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