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Monday, August 9, 2021
Online Classes for Kids in The Philippines Reedley

Parents and students alike are expected to face several changes as another academic year approaches. Face to face classes may no longer be feasible because of the current situation, and there is a need to adopt flexible learning arrangements in the form of online classes. Reedley International School’s online classes for kids in the Philippines seek to bridge the gap by offering a flexible and less stressful avenue for students to gain access to high-quality education and learn remotely.


Why Choose Reedley

Why Choose Reedley

Before enrolling in online classes for kids in the Philippines, parents must understand that the choice of school greatly impacts their child’s ability to learn effectively. Given that online classes are conducted over the Internet, there is a great tendency for learning to be compromised because of distractions and lack of engagement.

As a private school in Pasig, we take pride in offering an effective curriculum, which is a mix of progressive and traditional education for our students. Founded in 1999, Reedley has continuously committed to continuing the Reesian tradition of nurturing globally competent students in a caring environment.

As we prepare to welcome the new school year, Reedley has developed a Distance Learning Program for online classes for kids in the Philippines that are tailored to the needs during these uncertain times.


Synchronous and Asynchronous Classes

Reedley’s online classes for kids in the Philippines offer various solutions for both parents and students to enjoy a more flexible and less stressful experience for remote learning.

Synchronous refers to live classes where our students attend classes at a scheduled time. Each synchronous period is conducted via Google Meet, and they come with breaks and time for extracurricular activities such as academic consultations, back subjects, afternoon foreign language classes, or advanced placement classes. Our highly-trained teachers will be facilitating the online lessons and active class engagement is encouraged.

Asynchronous refers to classes that are pre-recorded. This makes it possible for those enrolled in Reedley’s online classes for kids in the Philippines to learn at their own convenience. Asynchronous classes work with teachers available for online academic feedback.

Our kindergarten and grade school students can also choose from offline activities that supplement the concepts discussed in class. Similarly, elementary students can have the opportunity for offline independent work.


International Accreditation

We’re proud to say that Reedley is part of the 6 international schools that have been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in the Philippines. As a US-based accreditation body, Reedley has been recognized as offering excellent curriculums for all grade levels — from grade school to high school.

Our curriculum adopts a mix of international and local approaches from Filipino, American, and Singaporean education. This means our Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) is composed of subjects such as Math, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies that are patterned after international education standards. As an international school in C5, Reedley is ready to offer the best quality online classes for kids in the Philippines.


Timely Feedback from Highly Trained Teachers

A common concern experienced of online classes of kids in the Philippines is that students tend to receive late feedback from their teachers. In Reedley, worksheets and module feedback are done promptly. Parents can rest assured that our students will receive timely academic feedback and clear instructions from our highly trained teachers.

At Reedley, we are committed to providing high-quality online classes for kids in the Philippines. This is why our educators are trained to teach online materials for every class with a Level 1 Google Certification. Their extensive skills in using GSuite for Education guarantee that your child will learn effectively despite the distance learning setup.


Student Life Activities for Off-Screen Socialization

The current academic system has shifted towards online platforms. However, due to the increased screen time, there are negative health concerns that may start to arise among parents.

With the use of technology, Reedley makes it possible to work together with others off-screen in remote settings. We aim to provide an engaging student life for your children so they can interact with their friends as well as collaborate with other students for class. Reedley’s online classes for kids in the Philippines have integrated clubs, assemblies, contests, and other events to act as off-screen socialization activities.


What You Will Need for Online Classes in Reedley

What You Will Need for Online Classes with Reedley

Students must know what they will need to ensure a smooth and effective online learning experience. Here is a list of what you will need for Reedley’s online classes for kids in the Philippines.



At Reedley, we have a 1 Student:1 Computer policy. Thus, each student enrolled must have their 1 respective desktop/laptop/tablet for attending classes, completing assessments, and attending consultations with teachers.


Dedicated Workplace at Home

Please set up a dedicated workplace for your child. Each student should have a stable desk and comfortable chair. This should be set up preferably in a quiet place that is conducive to focused learning.


Good Student Behavior

As Reesians, we expect students to display good student behavior just as in the halls of Reedley. When attending Reedley’s online classes for kids in the Philippines, ensure your child is respectful, kind, and well-mannered towards their teachers and classmates.


Reliable Internet

We understand that children who are enrolled in online classes may experience technical difficulties when attending their classes or submitting their requirements due to a slow Internet connection. To minimize disruptions, please make sure your child is connected to a strong and stable internet connection at home.


Time for Accomplishing Homework

To make sure our students learn during Reedley’s online classes for kids in the Philippines, you must help your child set aside time for accomplishing homework outside class hours.


G Suite

All of Reedley’s online class materials use some form of G Suite software for productivity and collaboration. Please have the following G Suite for Education tools upon enrolling in Reedley’s online classes for kids in the Philippines:

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Forms
  • Google Sites
  • Google Mail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Keep
  • Google Calendar


Online Classes for Kids in The Philippines with Reedley

With a founding date of 1999, Reedley has continuously been identified as one of the best international schools in the Philippines. As a private, non-sectarian, and co-educational school in Pasig City, we have been nurturing globally competitive students that embrace the traditional and progressive mix education.

Enroll in our online classes for kids in the Philippines by clicking here. Reedley’s Distance Learning Program is the key to giving your child world-class education beyond the usual classroom setting.


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