What Is an International School?

An International School is an educational institution (usually accredited by a governing body such as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges [WASC]) that teaches an international curriculum and instills a global mindset to students in a multicultural environment. WASC is the international education governing body that provides accreditation to the best international school in the Philippines - Reedley International School Manila.

In the Philippines, Reedley is only one out of 6 international schools that have garnered this distinction and recognition in 2013. What this means is that all of our curriculums, from Kindergarten, Lower, Middle, Junior High, and Senior High Schools adopt a balanced mix of international and local approaches — Singaporean, American, and Filipino, in particular. This makes us the best international school in the Philippines to set the standards in the country when it comes to international education. With WASC accreditation, we are able to benchmark student performance with other international schools. Apart from this external academic assessments, such as the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA) for Grades 3-10, are taken by students to measure this.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Choosing the Best International School in The Philippines May Be the Best Decision You Will Make

International Curriculum and Global Standards

At the best international school in the Philippines, we have our own international academic standards and curriculum that are entirely unique from other schools. As mentioned before, our curriculum takes learning approaches from Filipino, Singaporean, and American education. This means that subjects included in our Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) such as Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies are patterned after such countries.

For example, our mathematics classes are built on foundational concepts when it comes to geometry, measurement, algebra, and the like. Whereas in our English classes, students will have the opportunity to become adept at the language through a variety of strands — Speaking, Reading & Writing, Listening, Reading, and the like.

Aside from our core subjects, Reedley is also offering other specialized courses for a few select High School students. Although these courses do not find inclusion when it comes to Grade Point Average computation, students who have satisfactorily complete them will be awarded with Subject Excellence Certifications in the following:

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • The Foreign Language Program
  • Filipino and Philippine History (back subject)
  • The CAPSTONE Program
  • SHS Work Immersion Program
  • Reedley School Community Action Program (RSCAP)
International Curriculum
Smaller Class Sizes, More Learning

There are numerous problems in engagement and focus with having so many students inside a single classroom. Issues may result from poor implementation of teacher or instructor-centered approaches. A more pressing issue is that learning is not individualized — this is a problem for students that may have different learning styles. The result is that not all students may be able to thoroughly understand the lessons being taught by their teachers who in turn, may have difficulty handling large class sizes — around 30 to 40 students.

This is why at the best international school in the Philippines, we see to it that our classroom population is kept relatively small. This will ultimately depend on the grade level. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes, for example, will accommodate only a range of 12-16 students. For Lower School, 15-19, Middle School, 22-25, Junior and Senior High, 26-28.

Having small class sizes allows our instructors at the best international school in the Philippines to focus their attention on the needs of every child. As children learn differently and at varying paces, the specialized care that they will get from the small class sizes will make learning more palatable and focused. Teachers will be able to teach each student in the way that they require, while the students will be more engaged to learn and find joy in their lessons.

Smaller Classes
A Firm Stand Against Bullying

Bullying may have serious consequences on students who are victims. When a student-child is consistently exposed to a harsh environment where they may not feel accepted, this can affect their overall academic performance. Not only that, but they may also see a decline in all aspects of health, be it mental, emotional, and physical.

Unfortunately, rules against bullying are still not strictly enforced in most local schools. There are still students who are teased and abused by their classmates. What makes Reedley unique is its firm stand against bullying. In fact, Reedley is the best international school in the Philippines to incorporate an anti-bullying program. We believe that no form of bullying should be tolerated on the campus, nor on online platforms.

In fact, we have made our anti-bullying a part of our program, through the Conflict and Resolution class which offers all the resources needed for students to stamp out bullying. The best international school in the Philippines does not tolerate any form of bullying, be it physical, psychological, emotional, or cyber.

Stand Against Bullying
A World Beyond the Classroom

Field trips are something all schools do annually, be it in a museum, a factory, or a historical landmark. At the best international school in the Philippines, we do field trips differently from local schools. In Reedley, students go on field trips to foreign countries, allowing the students to explore the different cultures and dynamics of various nations around the world. This helps them expand their small worlds and gain an understanding as well as an appreciation for different cultures, peoples, and backgrounds.

It is highly recommended that your child experiences an international education such as Reedley International School. Your child will have a competitive advantage over other students by having a global mindset and an international curriculum. With Reedley International School moving to a bigger location this 2016, the quality of the best international school in the Philippines has never been better.

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Ever since our academic inception in 1999, Reedley has been setting the standard for what it means to be the best international school in the Philippines. At Reedley, we value the student-child in every aspect of their development. No child is left behind — we make sure that they grow and thrive in a vibrant and diverse community that believes in their potential.

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