Here are a few things that will help you decide which international school is the best for your child:

International Accreditation

A school has to undergo a rigorous and intensive accreditation process in order to be accredited by a renowned organization.

Through this process, an international school has to meet the high standards that the accrediting body has set, as well as show evidence of student learning and achievement. A safe and nurturing environment coupled with an international curriculum at par with other notable international schools worldwide are essential in international school accreditation.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is a world-renowned academic body in charge of accrediting foreign institutions with American origins.

The Standards of Accreditation are research based, comprehensive guidelines that match good practices in higher education. It consists of the four following standards:

(1) Defining Institutional Purposes and Ensuring Educational Objectives
(2) Achieving Educational Objectives Through Core Functions
(3) Developing and Applying Resources and Organizational Structures to Ensure Quality and Sustainability
(4) Creating an Organization Committed to Quality Assurance, Institutional Learning, and Improvement

Another benefit that students get from studying in an international school is that transferring to foreign schools will be easier and some academic subjects can be credited and need not be taken in the new school or university.

WASC has accredited Reedley International School and recognizes it as one of the six academic institutions in the Philippines that live up to its standards.

World-Class Academic Standards

Reedley's approach to delivering world class academic standards is a distinct blend between progressive learning and traditional teaching. The Reedley Synergized Learning Approach (RSLA) gives focus on taking the traditional routines, structures, and standards, and combining it with useful and practical Life Skills. This approach aids in encouraging children to use their practical, critical thinking skills in problem solving real-life situations.

The Reedley Synergized Learning Approach uses the traditional teaching methods of discipline, routine, structures, and standards. The traditional method is then applied with Life Skills - practical skills that can be applied in everyday situations. A more focused approach to individual students is also a factor that guides the child's growth and development. RSLA is reflective on the fact that 85% of Reedley graduates are eligible to enter the country's top universities.

Since the best international schools are internationally accredited, students will become academically competent and global-minded, giving them a significant advantage over their peers.

Many graduates of such institutions can attest to how an international education helped them become achievers, academically and holistically, giving them an edge when they get to or start working as professionals.

Language Advantage

International schools are widely known to be a melting pot of culture. Reedley's ESL (English as a Second Language) Program encourages students to learn about different cultures around the world while simultaneously enriching their English Language proficiency. Classes in other languages, such as French, Spanish, and Mandarin, are also offered as part of the curriculum. This enables the students to be given an early exposure to the various cultures around the world.

There are many international schools in the Philippines to choose from. Remember not to simply choose the most popular or prestigious international school, but one where your child will succeed and be happy at. Reedley International School is one of only six schools in the Philippines accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS).

An Open Environment

Reedley does not fully center on the academic aspect of education either. The school also makes sure that its environment is one that is conducive for active learning. For one, students are expected to adhere to the school’s anti-bullying program; this keeps them from having to suffer the negative effects of going through such an ordeal. On the other hand, teachers and staff are encouraged to be open and nurturing towards their students in such a way that the latter are able to actively participate in the learning process without it being too rigorous or stressful.

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