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How is Reedley an International School?

We have been here for 23 years as Reedley International School was founded in 1999. We are a private, non-sectarian, co-educational international school located in Pasig City, Metro Manila.

Reedley International School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC-USA) and is a regular member of the Council of International Schools (UK) and East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS). We are also certified by the Character Education Partnership (Philippines) as a Certified School of Character and maintain alliances with the Singapore Brain Development Center. Moreover, our faculty receives trainings here and abroad to broaden their skills and knowledge, ensuring they remain at the forefront of education practices.

Do you have expat or foreign families? What percentage of the student population do they make up?

As of School Year 2022 to 2023, foreign students make up 21.94% of the population.

No, we do not offer the IB program. Instead, we provide the Advanced Placement (AP) Program, which offers flexibility in subject selection, the potential for college credits, widespread recognition by colleges and universities, rigorous subject depth, and greater accessibility. The AP program allows students to tailor their curriculum based on their interests and goals, earn college credits, and develop strong analytical skills. We believe that the AP program better suits the diverse needs and aspirations of our students.

100% of our students successfully gain admission to both local and foreign universities after graduation, with the exception of those who choose to pursue gap years, military service, or immediate employment opportunities.

At Reedley International School, we have a zero-tolerance approach towards bullying. Our anti-bullying policy promotes a safe and inclusive environment through prevention and education initiatives. We encourage reporting of incidents, provide support and counseling to affected students, and take swift action to address bullying cases. Restorative measures are implemented to repair harm and promote empathy. We continuously monitor and review our policy to ensure its effectiveness in creating a nurturing and respectful school community.

We provide a designated space for nannies to wait for students. In our Kindergarten Area, we have a designated area specifically for nannies to wait comfortably. Additionally, in the Reception area, we have a few chairs available for nannies to wait while their students are attending classes. We understand the importance of accommodating the needs of our students' caregivers and strive to provide a welcoming environment for all members of our school community.

We have a diverse student population and have catered to students from over 25 nationalities, including the Philippines, USA, Canada, South Korea, China, Japan, India, among others.

Reedley International School offers the best approaches of three curricula. While fulfilling DepEd academic regulations, our Mathematics and Science Programs adhere to Singaporean standards, and our Language Arts and Social Studies Programs adhere to American Standards. 

Our academic curriculum has a set of routines, structures, and standards in place. We teach Life Skills, study habits, memory strategies, test-taking skills, and problem solving so that our students know how to think critically, decide soundly, and apply knowledge in practical and real-life situations.

We combine the best practices of progressive and traditional education to develop successful and excellent students who are kind and compassionate at heart, in mind, and in spirit. The Synergized Learning Approach at Reedley International School is an inclusive and learner-centered methodology that emphasizes active participation, critical thinking, and collaboration. It combines the best practices from various educational philosophies, including constructivism, inquiry-based learning, and project-based learning, to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Reedley utilizes English as the language of instruction. Prospective students are required to undergo an entrance test conducted in English, which aids the school in assessing their proficiency in the language. If they are having difficulties, the school offers an English as Second Language program, which we will encourage to applicants as needed.

We cater to students from Pre-K to Senior High 12, with an age range of 4-18 years old.

Reedley International School offers a comprehensive academic program that includes core subjects such as Math, Science, English, and Social Studies, as well as elective courses in the Arts, Music, Physical Education, and Foreign Languages.

For our Kinder program, the curriculum aims to prepare the young learner to enter Lower School by providing a strong foundation in five areas of development, namely in the Cognitive, Socio-Emotional, Psychomotor, Communication and Self-Help areas of development.

In Lower School, students are engaged in the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) which comprises the following subjects: Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Life Skills, Physical Education, Arts and Music, Information Technology, and Filipino as a Foreign Language.

It is in Middle School that the concept of student leadership and community service is deepened along with academics. The Grade School Student Council organizes students in activities such as Teacher’s Day and socio-civic activities such as the outreach. Last year, students organized a thank you and farewell video for their teachers and also, raised funds to help another school in the province of Palawan whose classroom materials were destroyed by Typhoon Odette.

Other activities such as field trips, our anti-bullying campaigns, multicultural weeks, guest speakers are all part of a our purposive effort to make sure that when they step out of Grade School, they are ready to be high school students.

For the Reedley Junior High, we address difficulties in the fundamentals of academic subjects to achieve mastery and equip students with effective study skills and habits. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging as it adheres to the Common Core Standards in the U.S. in English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Language, Media and Technology), and Singapore standards for Math and Science.

In Senior High, we offer the various strands namely Accountancy, Business Management (ABM), General Academics (GAS), Humanities and Social Studies (HUMSS), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), as well as other special courses to select students in High School. These are the Advanced Placement (AP), The Foreign Language Program, Filipino and Philippine History back subject, The CAPSTONE Program, Apprentice Week: SHS Work Immersion Program, and the Reedley School Community Action Program (RSCAP).

Yes! Extra-curricular activities depend on the school year. Students can join clubs such as the debate club, glee club, dance club, photography club, magazine club, among others after classes.

The school also has its own varsity team called Silverbacks, where athletic students can train under supervision.

Children with special needs are accommodated in the PGLP and CIAP program.

Reedley International School offers specialized learning support for students with learning challenges through its Center for Individualized Academic Program (CIAP) for Kinder to Middle School 6 students and the Personalized Guided Learning Program (PGLP) for Grades 7-11 students. These programs have a maximum of 10 students per class, providing a specialized learning support and attention to ensure every student's success.

The High School Academic Support Program is also available for students who are diagnosed with special needs and/or are suspected of having learning delays that evidently affect their academic performance. There are also students who only need intervention in some subjects and there are some students that need a different program from the regular program altogether.

Yes! There are discounts if two or more siblings are enrolled in the school.

The school's admissions office ideally considers a student's enrollment based on the availability of slots within the predetermined enrollment period. Contact our admissions officer for more details.

Our 22-year track record of consistent academic excellence, college passing, anti-bullying and kindness culture, personalized attention to both students and parents, and loving and committed teachers, leaders, and staff  set us apart from other educational institutions.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) has been an integral part of Reedley education for over 22 years and is offered through programs such as Life Skills, Life Coaching, Anti-Bullying, Career Counseling, College Admissions Test Review, and other initiatives that nurture well-rounded, compassionate, confident, and competent, and students.

Founded in 1999, RIS is a private, non-sectarian, non-traditional, co-educational school in Pasig City, Metro Manila with the mission and vision of nurturing globally competent and kind students in a happy and caring environment.

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