Personalized Guided Learning Program

Our Mission

is to nurture children with learning differences and difficulties to become confident, independent, and growth-oriented individuals through a collaborative and positive learning environment.

“Every child can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.”

-George Evans

Our Personalized Approach

  • Small Class Size

    This allows our teachers to monitor and guide our students closely.

  • Individualized Instruction

    Planned strategies and interventions match the learning needs and styles of students.

  • Frequent Feedback

    Feedback to improve student performance will be given more frequently.

Open to Grades 1-11 Students

  • with learning difficulties, study fatigue, school stress

  • with conditions that may impact learning (e.g. ADD, ADHD, ASD)

  • who attended a homeschooling program

  • who cannot complete the school year due to clinical interventions and other non-academic pursuits

Program features

  • Learning Environment

    Classroom environment and class schedules are more relaxed.

  • Academic Standards

    Core subjects are anchored on American academic standards.

  • Small Class Size

    A class accommodates 6-10 students only.

  • Personalized Instruction

    Modifications and accommodations are adaptive of each student's learning needs and styles.

  • Performance and Project-Based Approach

    Experiential learning not only has a more lasting effect on retention of knowledge and skills, but also is truly more engaging for students.

  • Life Coach Program

    Student wellness is safeguarded through regular sessions with our Life Coaches.

  • Supportive Partnership

    Teachers team up with parents, specialists and therapists to support the child’s learning and well-being.

  • Regular Communication

    Meetings are held monthly with the child's team (if with Individualized Education Program).

Program Offerings


Academic Credit

Learning is evaluated and graded.

Participation is required in all learning activities.

Attendance is recorded and reported.

Report Card is released every quarter and by year-end.

Academic Non-Credit*

For students who will be spending more time outside the classroom because of clinical interventions, trainings in sports and performing arts

Academic performance is not graded. No report card.

Attendance is recorded.

With regular feedback on student's performance

*with policy on shifting to Academic Credit Program within the year

Founded in 1999, RIS is a private, non-sectarian, non-traditional, co-educational school in Pasig City, Metro Manila with the mission and vision of nurturing globally competent and kind students in a happy and caring environment.

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