An Overview of the GAS Strand and Curriculum

Monday, January 16, 2023
An Overview of the GAS Strand and Curriculum

Senior high school (SHS) aims to prepare students with the skills and competencies they need for their desired college courses. This is why many SHS students choose to take up strands that have specialized subjects. However, there will always be students who are still undecided about what they will be taking up at the tertiary level and what career they want to pursue. That’s why the GAS strand in SHS in the Philippines was designed.


The GAS strand is created to cater to students who prefer a broader range of studies rather than specific fields. It offers SHS students the flexibility to choose electives from various strands, which helps in choosing a university degree. This article provides an overview of this strand including some courses that they can take for successful career paths in the future. 


What is GAS? 

GAS is an acronym for General Academic Strand. It takes a general approach to prepare students for university life. Compared to other strands, students can expect to tackle different disciplines. This can cover various subjects and topics such as Humanities, Management, Social Sciences, and even Organization. 


Advantages of Taking GAS in SHS in the Philippines

The GAS program exposes senior high school students to a range of subjects, providing them the opportunity to discover which subject they are best suited for. Even with its exploratory approach, there are many advantages of taking the GAS strand in SHS in the Philippines. 


Great selection of subjects

Students in the GAS strand can expect to take on an excellent selection of subjects. These include general curriculum subjects like:

  • General mathematics
  • Statistics and probability 
  • Philosophy
  • Humanities
  • Organization and management
  • Life science
  • Social science
  • Applied economics and organization
  • Oral communication
  • Risk reduction and disaster preparedness

After completing the subjects in the GAS strand, students can expect to feel prepared to take on almost any course in university since these subjects provide them with a solid foundation. Students who take the GAS strand will also feel more flexible when picking their specialization later.  


A balanced mix of other strands

Some may be wary that the GAS strand seems too broad. However, what many may not understand is that it is a mix of HUMMs, STEM, and ABM. When students take up this strand, they can expect to take these subjects simultaneously. 

There is a wide range of subjects tackled here, from Applied Economics to Creative Writing to Philippine Politics. These can be ideal for those who are leaning towards the liberal arts especially if you’re interested in communication arts, legal management, or even journalism. You are provided with a rich educational background that you can carry over to your tertiary education. 

It can be the same for those who want to pursue education. Taking this wide array of subjects can give you a solid foundation and idea of what you can specialize in for your education degree. 


Ample preparation for college 

Another common misconception of many is that all those in the GAS strand don’t know what they’ll be taking up in college. However, by gaining exposure to a variety of subjects, the GAS program enables senior high school students to make a more informed choice about their undergraduate program and future career path.


College Courses You Pursue After Taking GAS Strand in SHS in the Philippines

As mentioned above, there will be numerous college degree programs for students in the GAS strand to explore. Here is a list of courses to take in college: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts and Sciences
  • Bachelor in Secondary Education 
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Applied Economics
  • Environmental Management
  • BSBA Operations Management
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Cinema
  • Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

Keep in mind that GAS strand graduates can have careers as doctors, lawyers, businessmen, accountants, engineers, social workers, designers, and psychologists –   basically any career under the other SHS strands. 


Key Takeaway

Just like other strands in SHS in the Philippines, the GAS strand provides you with ample preparation for your college and university life. Here, you’re provided with a wide range of subjects that can be seen in other strands like STEM and ABM. The exploratory approach of this course allows students to see where their interests lie in their tertiary education.  

As one of the top international schools in Manila, Reedley International School also offers a Senior High School program. We offer the GAS, HUMSS, STEM, and ABM strand for incoming SHS students. Even at the SHS level, we want to provide our students with a caring and nurturing environment for them to grow. Contact us here today for more inquiries. 


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