What is an International School?

An International School is an educational institution (usually accredited by a governing body such as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges [WASC]) that teaches an international curriculum and instills a global mindset to students in a multi-cultural environment. To benchmark student performance with other international schools, external academic assessments, such as the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA) for Grades 3-10, are taken by students. Academic staff is comprised of both local and foreign teachers.

Here are some reasons why choosing an international school may be the best decision you will make:

International Curriculum and Global Standards

International schools have their own academic standards and curriculum; which are entirely unique from other schools. Some academic programs that international schools may be following are the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program or Advanced Placement (AP) courses. For example, Reedley International School follows the McRel Program from the United States. Its Math and Science programs are based on the Singaporean curriculum, while its English and Social Studies programs are based on California Standards. Reedley is also offering Advanced Placement (AP) courses and exams.

Smaller Class Sizes, More Learning
Smaller Class Sizes, More Learning

There are numerous problems in engagement and focus with having so many students inside a single classroom. Not all students may be able to thoroughly understand the lessons being taught by their teachers. Meanwhile, teachers find it difficult to manage a big class and attend to each student’s particular needs.

In international schools, class sizes are much smaller, thus allowing the teacher to focus more on each student. A smaller class size means that the student will be more engaged to learn and find joy in their lessons.

A Firm Stand Against Bullying
A Firm Stand Against Bullying

Bullying has become a big no-no in today’s schools, which was made possible by international schools. Unfortunately, rules against bullying are still not strictly enforced in most local schools. There are still students who are teased and abused by their classmates. What makes Reedley unique is its firm stand against bullying. In fact, Reedley is one of the pioneer international schools in the Philippines to incorporate an anti-bullying program. Reedley does not tolerate any form of bullying, be it physical, psychological, emotional or cyber.

A World Beyond the Classroom
A World Beyond the Classroom

Field trips are something all schools do annually, be it in a museum, a factory or a historical landmark. An international school does its field trips differently from local schools. In Reedley, students go on field trips to foreign countries, allowing the students to explore the different cultures and dynamics of various nations around the world.

It is highly recommended that your child experiences an international education such as Reedley International School’s. Your child will have that competitive advantage over other students by having a global mindset and an international curriculum. With Reedley International School moving to a bigger location this 2016, the quality of international schools in the Philippines has never been better.

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