Raizel Yu

Reedley Student

"Thank you for making Reedley the best school ever!"


Tippy Dos Santos

Salutatorian SY 2011-2012

“You’ve created a place where many children are able to grow and find themselves.”

Noah Imson

Reedley Student

"I thank you for Reedley because I would be nothing without [this school]. In life, two most important things for me are my FAMILY and SCHOOL. When I came to Reedley I found both of those things."


Renmar Sta.Cruz

Reedley Student

"I have learned countless lessons both academic and non-academic in my 11 years here in Reedley. Every academic lesson I learned from first grade up until fourth year here is what's making sure that I pass University but what really formed me as a person are the lessons that can't be taught on whiteboard.

Here, children will be nurtured and more importantly will learn how to nurture not only themselves but those around them as well. Students were helping each other out and more importantly, teachers were always eager to help out students in what way they can."

Polo Cruz

Reedley Student

“I used to be okay with just being “okay”. I never really saw my potential. But as Reedley put it, each child is an achiever. I could not agree more.

Starting from my study habits, which changed ever since I went here, to the discipline that I didn’t know I can acquire, Reedley continuously helps in equipping us with the traits and values that we need in our lives. ”


Jonathan Alfredo Gabriel Bengzon

Reedley Student

“I chose Reedley for many reasons but these 3 reasons made me decide to transfer:
1. International Accreditation. This means I can now fulfill my dream of studying abroad.
2. Anti-bullying. I wasn’t bullied, but I cannot stand seeing my other friends being bullied from my previous school.
3. Small class size. This allows me to concentrate better with my lessons.
Wrapping up, Reedley is a good school. Whether here or abroad, Reedley will help me fulfill my dreams.”