Private School in Pasig: Reedley International School

Friday, August 6, 2021
Private School in Pasig Reedley International School

Finding a school is one the most important decisions that a parent must make for their child. After all, a child learns not just about subjects such as Math, Science, and Arts in school but also develops life skills, builds relationships with others, and more. Here at Reedley International School, we combine traditional and progressive education to nurture students in a holistic way. Keep on reading if you want to know more about our private school in Pasig.


About Reedley International School

About Reedley International School

As an international school in C5, Reedley provides a happy and caring environment to nurture internationally competent students with a kind and compassionate heart. We have been teaching and guiding children from different nationalities for 21 years and have been accredited by WASC since 2013 until 2025.


Combination of Progressive and Traditional Learning

Reedley is a private school in Pasig that has a synergized approach to learning. We combine traditional and progressive education to give your child the care and focus that they need while making them competent in their subjects. We are committed to imbibe life skills that can help them in practical and real-life situations.


International Academic Curriculum

To provide the best education for your child, we combined three curricula in our academic program. For Science and Math courses, the Singaporean curriculum is suitable because it uses mastery and inquiry. The American standard is our framework when it comes to English Language Arts and Social Studies. Lastly, we implement DepEd’s K to 12 program in our curriculum.


Flexible Distance Learning Programs

During these uncertain times, we are one of the private schools in Pasig that offers a more accommodating distance learning program for students. When it comes to online classes for kids in the Philippines, we want to lessen the stress for you and your child by providing both synchronous and asynchronous classes. Other than classroom learning, we also promote student life by providing opportunities for socialization and off-screen activities.


Our Main Programs

Our Main Programs

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a private school in Pasig, Reedley International School is one of your best options. We offer programs from Kindergarten to Senior High School. In addition to that, we also offer different learning support programs.


Reedley Kindergarten School

Kindergarten is one of the most important years in a child’s life because it is the time in a child’s life when he learns to transition from the home to a school environment. Here at Reedley, we provide your children with opportunities to explore topics about life, math, science, social studies, music, literacy, movement, and more. This will help open children’s perspectives on different subjects and awaken their love for learning.


Basic Education Curriculum

Reedley International School is a private school in Pasig with a strong basic education curriculum. From Mathematics, English Language arts, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Arts and Music, Information Technology, Filipino as a Foreign Language, and Life Skills—our courses are based on international standards and focus on the holistic development and growth of your child.


Senior High School Program

As a private school in Pasig, we follow DepEd’s K-12 program and implement this in our curriculum. Our senior high strands can prepare students in their chosen major once they move on to college. Here are the strands you can enroll your child in:

  • Accountancy, Business Management (ABM)
  • General Academics (GAS)
  • Humanities and Social Studies (HUMSS)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics (STEM)

Other than these, we also offer special programs for students. This makes them eligible for Subject Excellence Certificates.

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Foreign Language Program
  • Filipino and Philippine History back subject
  • CAPSTONE Program
  • Apprentice Week: SHS Work Immersion Program
  • Reedley School Community Action Program (RSCAP)


Reedley Junior College Program

More than just being a private school in Pasig, we do our best to guide our students so that they are prepared for college entrance tests. As proof of this, we have achieved a 92% passing rate to the top 5 local universities and foreign colleges

Students that are in grades 9 to 12 are guided to improve in academic subjects that they are having difficulty with, so that they are better equipped when taking the entrance exams. We also train our students in developing good study habits which they can bring with them when they graduate from high school.


Center for Individualized Academic Programs (CIAP)

CIAP is a specialized learning support program that is offered to students from Kindergarten until Middle School 6. It follows the school’s academic curriculum and is taught by specialized CIAP teachers. Features of this program include smaller class size, Individualized Learning Plans which may include modifications and accommodations needed by the student, a different learning cycle to help each child master concepts better, and modules to address skills gaps and provide enrichment practice at home.


Small Class Program (SCP)

A scaffolding program is offered to students in Junior High (Grades 7 to 10) who need the necessary study skills to excel academically in a larger class size given personalized attention, closer supervision, and proper guidance.


Late Students Program

Here at Reedley, we understand that not all of our students in our private school in Pasig can start their classes on time. For this reason, we offer academic catch-up sessions for our students who come in 6 weeks after official classes have started. Students under this program are given the opportunity to attend after-school classes to discuss missed topics. The number of catch-up sessions is based on the number of weeks missed.


English as a Second Language Program (ESL)

For students that are having difficulty with English as their second language, we have provided after-school sessions during the week to help them develop their proficiency level. With the close supervision of our teachers, foreign students will have an easier time filling in their communicative needs and adapt to our curriculum.


Send Your Applications to The Top Private School in Pasig: Reedley International School!

If you’re looking for a private school in Pasig with K-12 programs with an internationally accredited curriculum, enroll your child here at Reedley International School. Aside from world-class academics and other supporting programs, we also provide courses on life skills to guide them on practical and real-life topics. With a happy and caring environment that has zero tolerance for bullying, we assure you that our teachers and staff will commit themselves to help your child grow holistically. Click here to apply now!


  • February 18, 2022

    Reedley International School, SAT Test Center 74946, is OPEN for the March 12, 2022 Test Administration. Please click here for more information.

  • September 7, 2021

    Reedley International School, SAT Test Center 74946, is CLOSED for the October 2, 2021 Test Administration. Please click here for more information.

Founded in 1999, RIS is a private, non-sectarian, non-traditional, co-educational school in Pasig City, Metro Manila with the mission and vision of nurturing globally competent and kind students in a happy and caring environment.

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