World-Class International School in C5: Reedley

Monday, August 9, 2021
World-Class International School in C5 Reedley

As a parent, one of your top priorities is your child’s education. Even while they are young, you want to ensure that they study in an institution that will not only provide them with essential skills and knowledge but also prepare them for life beyond the campus. Established local schools in the country may have all the tools to achieve these, but there’s nothing quite like the distinction that international institutions have. Located in Jose C. Cruz Pasig City, Reedley is one international school in C5 renowned both locally and internationally for its well-rounded curriculum.


Why Apply at Reedley

Why Apply at Reedley

Reedley has been providing only quality education for students for over 2 decades now. The name was bestowed as a tribute to Reedley College, where Mrs. Nellie Aquino-Ong studied and excelled with the help of nurturing teachers and mentors.

What sets Reedley International School apart from the rest is the continuous support we exert to ensure that each child is well-taught and nurtured with positive values to become the ideal Reesian. This is reflected in our learning approaches that focus on flexibility, personalized teaching, multiculturalism, and wholeness. All of these are made possible through a carefully formulated and innovative curriculum for the benefit of each generation of students studying in our international school in C5.


Distance Learning

Distance Learning

The onset of the pandemic has led schools all across the world and the country to adapt different learning modes. Face-to-face class discussions done within the four corners of the classroom are limited as of the moment. This has led to the implementation of feasible strategies that prioritized students’ safety.

With this understanding, we have developed our distance learning program to adapt to the challenges introduced by the pandemic. Grade school and high school students are given the chance to engage in synchronous and asynchronous classes. Reedley will implement blended learning, where students will have the option to either go to international school in C5, once permitted via Face to Face or Modified Face to Face learning or continue with Distance Learning.

We currently offer distance learning at our international school in C5 for both grade school and high school students. The program is structured around ample periods for virtual classes, with opportunities for timely feedback, off-screen activities, socialization, and adequate parent involvement.


Reedley’s Synergized Learning Approach

Reedley’s Synergized Academic Approach

At Reedley, the best practices of traditional and progressive education are inculcated in our students. For every grade level, each curriculum follows a set of structures, standards, and routines consistent with established standards based on compulsory educational requirements.

These are supplemented with progressive learning strategies that have made our international school in C5 the way it is today. Aside from core subjects such as Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Humanities, and the like, we also teach other courses.

Our instructors have been equipped with skills and trained to carry out lesson plans on study habits, life skills, memory techniques, test-taking, critical thinking, and many more. The goal of Reedley has always been to produce well-rounded graduates that can make connections with what they’ve learned in our international school in C5, with real-life situations.


Individualized Learning

Individualized Learning

A nurturing education has always been part of Reedley’s core pillars. Students don’t learn at the same pace — with some needing more guidance than others — and so they need to learn with a more personalized and individualized approach.

Personalized instruction caters the academic discussions to the child’s specific abilities. Instead of students comparing their performance with their peers, they can instead focus on their own pace and excel without undue pressure. Each of our online classes for kids in the Philippines is kept relatively small so every student receives the care and attention they deserve.


Proud Anti-Bullying School

Proud Bully-Free Campus

Diversity and openness are two values that we promote in our international school in C5, which is why our Anti-Bullying program is ingrained in our curriculum in all levels. Reedley adheres to a strict anti-bullying stance. We are firm in keeping our learning environments (be it online or face to face) safe for all students of all ages, races, backgrounds, so they may continue to develop healthy relationships with their peers.

Students also have a role to play in keeping themselves and fellow students safe, no matter in or outside the classroom. We equip our students with skills and techniques such as Conflict Resolution and the 7 Habits to help put a stop to bullying should they find themselves being the victim, the bystander, or the bully.


Internationally Accredited Curriculum

Internationally Accredited Curriculum

An internationally accredited curriculum is a must when it comes to picking an international school. These give you an idea as a parent that the school exercises full commitment to make improvements to the academic process and teach only relevant subjects amidst a globally changing landscape.

Parents can then entrust their children to attending our international school in C5, as our curriculums and academic programs have been the recipients of full accreditation from WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). This simply means that everything taught at Reedley — be it the English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics courses — are recognized abroad.

We continue to meet WASC core commitments by providing effective student learning strategies and developing best academic practices through unending research and feedback.


Multicultural Learning Environment

Multicultural Learning Environment

The world is indeed a big place and the four walls of the classroom are simply not enough for young students to discover the world beyond. But with an international school in C5 like Reedley, students have the opportunity to interact, engage, and form valuable relationships with peers of different worldviews and backgrounds.

The school exercises full commitment in improving the academic process and ensures that its students become globally competent young learners and leaders.

Our student body comprises of 38 different nationalities that grew up in diverse households. As they gradually learn the Reedley values, they will have appreciate and have a deeper understanding of people from other cultures.


Apply Now to one of the top International Schools in C5: Reedley!

Reedley is a well-known international school in C5 that has been providing top-notch education for more than 20 years now. Our goal has always been to develop educated and well-rounded graduates through cultivating a deep love for learning and an appreciation for diversity.

As a private school in Pasig, we still keep the Reedley tradition alive with its world-class education and nurturing environment. Each student that walks through our doors leaves with a strong foundation of excellence, respect, independence, and leadership. When they eventually leave the academe, they will be able to carry with them all the values they’ve learned, and become a true Reesian.

Ready to be a part of the Reedley international school experience? Click here to apply now and learn how we can help your child become the best version of themselves.


  • November 25, 2020

    Make-up classes will be held on Saturday, Nov. 28, 2020.

  • November 11, 2020

    Synchronous classes and extracurricular activities are suspended tomorrow, November 12, 2020.

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