An Overview of The HUMSS Strand Curriculum

Sunday, October 23, 2022
An Overview of The HUMSS Strand Curriculum

What should I know about the HUMSS curriculum?

  1. What is HUMSS
  2. Major Classes in the HUMSS Curriculum
  3. Advantages of the HUMSS Strand
  4. Possible College Courses for HUMSS Graduates
  5. Possible Career Paths for HUMSS Graduates
  6. Why You Should Choose HUMSS


HUMSS, which stands for Humanities and Social Sciences, is one of the four major strands that Reedley International School offers to our senior high school students. 

This strand tackles a wide range of disciplines, with a special focus on the investigation and inquiry into human situations. Like other stands, it provides learners with a deeper understanding of specific fields. In HUMSS’s case, it is designed to effectively prepare students who want to pursue a degree in liberal education. 

In this post, we detail the HUMSS curriculum at length, and why an incoming senior high school student may opt for this strand. 


What is HUMSS?

The HUMSS curriculum covers a variety of subjects that focus on looking at the world and its people from various points of view. In this strand, each learner will develop a deeper understanding of culture, politics, literature, arts, and society — and how each influences the pressing issues of our world today.

In this curriculum, learning activities are directed towards the learner’s development in critical thinking, oral communication, and comprehension of media and information. Here, students will also hone their skills in reading and writing on a professional level. 

These lessons will prepare students for more sociological and artistic careers. At Reedley, we make sure each of our HUMSS graduates acquires the appropriate mindset, skills, and means to communicate articulately, think critically, and exercise empathy in their chosen fields. 


Major Classes in the HUMSS Curriculum

So, what are the subjects you can expect to learn in the HUMSS curriculum?

As this strand is designed to develop students’ skills in communication, comprehension, writing, critical thinking, and interpersonal relations, our senior high school students can expect to take major subjects such as:

  • Communication
  • Literature
  • Politics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences

Additionally, since the HUMSS strand is intended for those who wish to pursue careers in social sciences, our programs will involve plenty of opportunities for students to conduct research and presentations. 


Advantages of the HUMSS Strand

The HUMSS curriculum immerses its students in different critical thinking and understanding activities in the learning process. This helps them become more socially aware of the world around them and gives them an important overview of what they will learn later in college. 

The HUMSS strand is especially advantageous for senior high school students who want to receive the following benefits from their education:

  • Values of empathy and understanding — essential traits for establishing rapport with others. This is invaluable for those who want a successful career in professions available to HUMSS strand graduates.
  • Open-mindedness, and extensive comprehension of the social and cultural nuances of society and the professional world. 
  • Exploration of the different ideologies in media, art, politics, and more.
  • A sense of confidence in presentation and public speaking, and the ability to present one’s opinions and ideas in a cohesive, articulate, and logical manner. 
  • Opportunities to explore various vocations in the fields of natural sciences, arts, legal, legislation, and business. 

Taking HUMSS as your senior high school strand grants you valuable knowledge and skills, which can put you ahead of your peers in terms of competence and confidence.


Possible College Courses for HUMSS Graduates

The HUMSS strand opens doors for many college courses. Here are a few examples of what our HUMSS graduates can pursue in higher education: 

  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Languages (English and Filipino)
  • Technical Communication
  • Mass Communications
  • Communication Arts
  • Education Technology
  • Literature
  • International Studies

Possible Career Paths for HUMSS Graduates

Students who have graduated from the HUMSS strand in senior high school are well-equipped to make meaningful contributions in many professions in natural sciences, arts, and much more. Here are a few of the professions you may pursue with your HUMSS education: 

  • Lawyers
  • Politicians
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Doctors
  • Reporters
  • Journalists
  • Writers/Authors
  • Editors
  • College Professors
  • Teachers
  • Public Relations
  • Art Directors
  • Artists


Why You Should Choose HUMSS

Many students who are passionate about art, care deeply about mental health and social issues or wish to pursue careers where they can contribute to legislation and social reform often choose to take up HUMSS in senior high. 

It allows you to pave your own path to contributing to your community — a cause that we at Reedley wholeheartedly support! 

Not sure if this strand is the right one for you? Here are a few reasons why our HUMSS students have chosen our HUMSS curriculum for their education: 

  • It is people-centric — we deal with the scientific study of humans, and their relationship with culture, arts, and other interlacing disciplines that contribute to how our society works. 
  • It promotes effective communication — whether or not you end up pursuing careers that are within this field, you will be able to use the excellent verbal and written communications skills you will have honed during our HUMSS program.
  • It molds you to be globally competent — through countless exposures to various ideas and beliefs, you will learn how to be compassionate, empathetic, and adaptive. These skills will help you in many real-world scenarios.

Whether you envision yourself as a lawyer, journalist, psychologist, or any other profession within this field, there is no shortage of ways you can contribute to society by exploring the HUMSS curriculum with Reedley!


Key Takeaway

The HUMSS strand is a multi-faceted curriculum that helps our senior high school students pursue their desired professions in communications, medicine, literature, education, law, and politics.

If you choose to enroll in this strand or wish to know more about what our HUMSS curriculum entails, contact Reedley today. As the best international school in Manila, We would be happy to discuss our comprehensive and holistic program, and how we can help you gain artistic and humanistic growth for your future success. 


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