5 Skills Your Child Needs for Primary School

Wednesday, November 23, 2022
5 Skills Your Child Needs for Primary School

What are the skills your child needs for primary school?

  1. Follows a Routine & Class Schedule
  2. Interacts with Other Children
  3. Focuses on Given Tasks
  4. Practices Self-Regulation
  5. Perseveres


For parents, time flies by so fast that it seems like only yesterday when they were dropping off their kids for preschool. Now, you may already be preparing them for the big school. The shift to a bigger school can be daunting for some kids. To see if your child is ready to take on their next adventure, make sure they possess these skills. If they do, you’ll be assured that they’ll do fine as they embark on their primary school years!


Follows a Routine & Class Schedule

Children also deal with time management. For them, this comes in the form of class schedules and daily routines. As they grow older, they can follow a more structured timetable in many settings including home and school. 

During kindergarten, they may be introduced to a routine where they have “circle time”, snacks, and lessons. They should have already learned how to sit down for long periods as they listened to their teachers and completed activities in preschool. 

When children enter primary school, they are already expected to follow a structured class schedule independently. That’s why they must practice time management in both school and the house. This helps them keep track of the different tasks they need to do and learn what to expect. 

Kids with a sense of time management can eat their snacks in the time allotted. They are also capable of playing during a certain time and following their teachers when the time is up. 

If your child has trouble doing these, there are things you can practice at home to get them ready for school. Parents may set a schedule for them at home or simply set up a time for their kids to complete a task. Allot an hour for them to eat their food, and only reward them with play time after.


Interacts with Other Children

When entering primary school, kids need to not only make friends but also interact and work with their classmates. This is not limited to talking but also interacting. They should be able to take turns with their classmates and speak in hushed tones when required. Apart from this, they are also expected to take non-verbal cues from teachers.

All these interactions teach them about the different social norms used by everyone daily. In short, they learn about good manners and values. Simple interactions teach them how to respect and care for one another. 

For children, parents are their role models. They follow you for cues on how to show empathy and respect toward others. At home, begin to already teach them simple social skills through role-playing games and your daily interaction. It can be as simple as greeting each other with “good morning” and using the magic words, “please” and “thank you.” 


Focuses on Given Tasks

In a classroom, students need to be able to focus. This encompasses many things from listening to lessons, understanding instructions, and doing homework. In primary school, children are expected to be able to write down their homework and accomplish it at home. 

That’s why kids need to be able to focus on tasks. Missing out on lessons and activities has its consequences, after all. To strengthen these skills, parents can set aside time for kids to accomplish homework. Their environment should be good for learning to help them focus. Just like in school, they should only be able to move on to other tasks once work is finished. 


Practices Self-Regulation

Before entering primary school, children should have the ability to self-regulate. This means that they can control their actions when necessary. For example, they refrain from talking while their teacher is saying something in front of the class. 

This skill continues to develop as they progress in school. Parents will see that they can raise their hands if they have questions and even wait for their turn to speak during class discussions. This shows that they can adjust to the different environments they are put in without needing cues from their parents all the time. 

At home, parents should continue to train them in this skill. It’s a simple cause-and-effect matter where they need to do something for another thing to happen. If they don’t do what is required of them, parents should implement a consequence. However, if their kids remember to ask things properly, parents should reward them with what was being asked. 



Lastly, children should demonstrate perseverance even before entering primary school. With many distractions available in this digital age, students have gotten used to instant gratification. This results in them giving up on tasks without even starting them. 

During their pre-school years, this should constantly be supported by helping them stick through one task. Older children continue to develop this as they are given more difficult tasks. Learning to persevere teaches them how to get through obstacles to achieve a goal. 

Parents can support this at home by continuously encouraging them to finish their academic work. Provide positive reinforcement when they make mistakes, but still provide them with corrections if necessary. You should also regulate yourselves as parents. Don’t play superman every time you see them having a hard time. Allow them to commit mistakes so that they can learn from them. 


Key Takeaway

Before entering primary school, make sure that your children possess the different skills mentioned in this article. These should have already been taught during kindergarten and supported by parents at home. As they grow older, help them develop as well by further enhancing these important virtues. 

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