An Overview of the ABM Strand and Curriculum

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
An Overview of the ABM Strand and Curriculum

The Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) strand is one of the four major strands offered by Reedley International School to senior high school students. This article aims to provide interested students with an overview of the different ABM classes and courses in Reedley’s Senior High School program. 

With the K-12 program, students are given more time to master various skills and absorb more knowledge for their college education. The same applies to those who will be taking the ABM strand. 

Students who take on this strand can expect its focus to be on business-related classes. This prepares them for management and accounting-related courses in their tertiary education. This strand was designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of business principles to prepare them for future studies. 


What is ABM?

The ABM strand aims to prepare those students who are interested in pursuing business-related college degrees. It highlights both business and finance subjects to equip students in the knowledge they need for a future in business.


ABM Strand Objectives

  • Gain skills in accounting, commerce, and financial management
  • Exude confidence through accomplishing projects and assignments given in the strand
  • Engage in various business simulations and be exposed to different types of business scenarios that professionals experience on a regular basic


Here, they will learn about basic concepts of accounting, corporate operations, and business, and financial management. At the end of two years, they will be equipped with important skills they’ll need for their future careers. 

As early as high school, they will be exposed to many concepts that they will need to master when they become professionals in the industry. It can be difficult to learn all the necessary terms and concepts in business and finance, but the ABM strand helps them acquire these essential knowledge they’ll need for their future careers. 


Major Classes in the ABM Curriculum 

The ABM strand has a combination of core, contextualized, and special subjects in four semesters. As the student progresses into senior high school, they will begin to focus on more specialized classes towards the last two semesters of school. 


Core Subjects

  • English & Communication (Oral, Reading, Writing, and Literature)
  • Filipino
  • Science (Earth, Life, and Physical)
  • Philosophy 
  • Statistics and Probability


Contextualized Subjects

  • English for Academic and Professional Purposes
  • Research
  • E-Tech
  • Entrepreneurship


Specialization Subjects

  • Business Math
  • Organization Management
  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Business Management 
  • Business Finance
  • Applied Economics
  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Business Marketing
  • Business Enterprise Stimulation


Advantages of the ABM Strand

For those interested in pursuing careers in business and finance, there are many advantages in taking up the ABM strand. As early as high school, students can already be equipped with the knowledge and skills you’ll need for the future. 


Helps improve interest in college education

Senior high school provides students with a glimpse of tertiary education and careers. In ABM, this is focused on all things finance, management, and business. The different subjects, courses, and assignments in the ABM strand encourage students to continue their learning in college. By the end of senior high, students are expected to continue their learning by taking up related courses. 


Helps with Career Decision Making

Before senior high school, it was very difficult for students to decide on a college course. It may be because of the lack of understanding of courses, or they may be simply overwhelmed by the number of courses available in various universities and colleges. 

With the K-12 program, they are allowed to focus on a specific group of subjects that pique their interest. For those interested in business, the ABM strand provides them with the necessary classes needed to understand this interest better. Hopefully, it makes it easier for students to decide on a course once the time comes. 


Potential College Courses for ABM Strand Graduates

There are many courses that ABM strand graduates can take up in college. All of these will provide them with a more in-depth understanding of what they learned in senior high school. 



In today’s modern age, accountancy students are taught how to combine various IT concepts into business systems. Through the ABM strand, they can organize and record financial data – a skill needed for taking up accountancy courses. In turn, this can help them in analyzing financial trends and auditing. 

ABM students who take Accountancy in college can become internal auditors, budget analysts, and even chief financial officers. 


Business Administration

Business administration is a course designed to provide in-depth knowledge about all the aspects of overseeing business operations. 

The ABM strand paves the way for taking up a Business Administration degree. It focuses on teaching students the basic concepts of financial management, project management, marketing, human resources, modern management trends, organizational behavior, and more. 

ABM students who take up Business Administration for their college degree can become managers, market data analysts, statisticians, and even business owners themselves! The ABM strand also provides students with all the principles and skills needed to establish their businesses in the future. 


Key Takeaway

The ABM strand and its courses in senior high school provide future business leaders with a glimpse of their college education. They are introduced to various concepts in business and finance to learn and apply.

If you choose to enroll in the ABM strand, contact Reedley today. We are one of the top international schools in Manila willing to provide all students with comprehensive and holistic programs to prepare them for college and university. 


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