5 Ways How to Make New Friends as a Transfer Student in High School

Wednesday, November 30, 2022
5 Ways How to Make New Friends as a Transfer Student in High School

How can transfer students make friends in a new school? 

  1. Join a Group, Club, or Organization
  2. Take an Elective Class 
  3. Find an Afterschool Activity You Love
  4. Volunteer for a Cause
  5. Talk to Your Classmates


An unexpected situation that some students may experience is the need to transfer schools before starting a new grade level. This is more common for those about to enter high school since many parents opt to transfer their children to bigger schools. Many often wonder how to make new friends as a transfer student. It is a period of adjustment that they definitely will go through, and here are some tips on how to make new friends in a new school!


Join a Group, Club, or Organization

Students can develop social circles outside the classroom by joining a study group, club, or organization. There are many options to choose from, especially if you enroll in an international school in Manila that provides a variety of clubs and organizations for its students.  

When students join a study group, all members have one goal in mind: to pass an exam or subject. They are bonded with a sense of camaraderie to help each other in understanding lessons better. This is a good starting point for those who have difficulty socializing. 

A study group is a safe place for one to ask questions and understand lessons better with peers. Here, transfer students get the chance to improve both their academic and social skills. 

On the other hand, organizations and clubs are after-school activities that focus on bonding with others who have the same interest as you. Compared to study groups, these are more social circles since they require a student to collaborate and interact with others in the group. 


Take an Elective Class 

Students can also use elective classes to socialize and interact with classmates. These are additional classes that are incorporated into a student’s weekly class schedule. Some examples of elective classes that schools may offer are art, foreign language, music, computer, and sports Compared to regular classes, these are subjects that students can choose since the topics pique their interests. 

For example, if a transfer student chooses to take an art class as an elective, an elective can allow them to collaborate and speak to other students about art both inside and outside class. It provides them with common ground to take the first step in making new friends.  


Find an Afterschool Activity You Love

In an international school, transfer students can opt to join an after-school activity. These include sports, recreational activities, and volunteer work both inside and outside the campus. Compared to clubs, these are less structured, allowing students to get to meet more people outside the classroom. 

With the pressure of school, this afterschool activity can act as a stress reliever for many since it does not focus on academic work. Whether it be shooting hoops in the court or joining a dance troupe, an after-school activity provides transfer students with another avenue to meet new people they don’t see in their classrooms.  


Volunteer for a Cause

Many volunteer activities are available for transfer students. Helping others is a good cause as well as a good outlet for many, and it can also introduce students to many others who share a love for the same cause. 

In schools, there can be many ongoing outreach projects that students can choose from. Transfer students should pick one that resonates with them most to make the experience more meaningful. Whether it be for animal welfare, the homeless, or even education, volunteering proves to be an effective and meaningful way to build your social circle. 


Talk to Your Classmates

Lastly, never underestimate the simple activity of talking to your classmates. A homeroom is the most convenient place for a transfer student to make friends. They are not only exposed to the same faces for most of the school day, but they are also peers who are the same age as they are.

It may seem intimidating for many to start a conversation with students who’ve known each other longer, but it’s always worth a shot. It can be as simple as asking if you can eat with them during lunch or inviting them to grab a drink during recess. 

In the classroom, there are also many opportunities to bond with classmates, such as group activities and projects. These are the best ways to start interacting with them and letting them get to know you and vice versa. 


Key Takeaway

There are many ways on how to make new friends as a transfer student. It can be in clubs, outreaches, after-school activities, study groups, and even in your classroom! What’s important here is that a student must never feel pressured to make a dozen friends. Making one or two real friends can feel even better if you’re willing to take the first step in interacting with them. 

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