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News and Updates



October 30 was a much- awaited event for all Reesians! This very colorful annual activity serves as a venue for students to express their creativity and imagination through wearing costumes related to the theme for the year: “Storybook”.


The Lee Kuan Yew Hall was completely transformed into Hogwarts, a picture perfect garden, and a grand castle by our Lower School teachers. The Lower School and Middle School students dressed up as their favorite storybook characters. Lower School 1, 2 and 3 students gave a 30-second speech about their characters for the day. They were asked to present before the event and representatives were preselected based on the highest points from the given rubric.


For Lower School, this day was also the launch for the Gift-Giving event which will happen this December, hence the name CAUSEplay. Lower School students were informed about the outreach program of the Lower School department. They will be donating books to a public school found in Marikina City. This event was purposely done to help children understand the joy of giving and sharing to others. These traits were also reinforced by the volunteer parents who willingly gave out candies and treatsin the main lobby and halls to the Lower School students. Thank you parents for your generosity and support!  Not only did the kids enjoy watching the costume parade in LKY, but the Lower School kids also enjoyed trick-or-treating at the different ground floor offices.


It was likewise a sight to see the Junior High School students in their interesting costumes wherein they didn’t have a particular theme and the Upper School Students had a different theme for the costumes per section.  Not to miss out on the fun, the teachers and staff joined the event with their own costumes!


This year’s Cause Play sure was a treat!