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News and Updates

House Launch 2014


The much awaited and much anticipated RIS annual event is happening tomorrow, August 27, 2014! This will boost the school spirit by launching the friendly year round competition among the school’s three houses: the White Unicorns, the Green Giants, and the Maroon Dragons.

It will be held at the Marikina Hotel Convention Center from 7:40 am until 11:40 am. If the students are not picked up by 12:20 in the afternoon, they will be brought back to the school, and they will have to be picked up from there.

Students are asked to wear a shirt that represents the color of their house (maroon for Dragons, green for Giants, and white for Unicorns), along with their P.E. jogging pants. They also need to bring the following:

– snacks/ a light meal

– medicine

– an extra shirt in the color of their house

– a water jug

– a small towel


Thank you for your continuous support.