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News and Updates

Inside Out (Perspectives: Reedley Parenting Conversations)


The second series of the Reedley Parenting Conversations happened last November 12, 2015 and this time, it was for our Middle School parents.


The parenting talk was entitled, “Inside Out: Knowing Your Child From Within”. It was an interesting session as the whole Gurufirm team, including our last seminar speaker, Teacher Tanya, was there to help and accommodate our parents’ questions and concerns. Teacher Dulce Abutal, the main speaker, having much experience working with children, shared valuable insights and tips about raising tweens with the parents. Teacher Eya Oropilla, who also works as part of the operations team of Kidzania, served as the Group Activity Facilitator for the session.

Before the talk started, our dear parents had the chance to describe how tweens are today. The parents had much in common, especially with regards to the challenges their tweens are experiencing.


Teacher Dulce further discussed the issues that tweens experience specifically on self-confidence and self-esteem. We all know this is the most confusing and awkward stage as they are kids entering teenage hood, while going through the phase of finding or discovering themselves.

Our parents who attended found the talk very helpful because they learned various strategies on how to build their tween’s socio-emotional skills and interestingly, knowing their child’s love languages.


Again, not only did our parents bond with other parents but also together they gained inspiration with this new knowledge to understand and communicate better with their tweens. See you at the next parenting talk!