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News and Updates

Parenting in a Digital World (Perspectives: Reedley Parenting Conversations)


The new year definitely ushered in awesome activities not only for our students but for our parents as well!  Last January 28, the Lower School department had their 2nd parenting seminar entitled, “Parenting in a Digital World” led by Mrs. Patricia F. Tanya Velasco of Gurufirm, who also facilitated the 1st series of talks last October 22.

Gurufirm is a training and consultancy company that aims to equip parents with the tools they need to create a safe, creative, supportive, and meaningful environment where Filipino children will thrive.

It was really good to see parents who attended the 1st talk attend again and to have new parents join this time!  Our Lower School parents were so participative, especially during the role-playing activity wherein Ms. Tanya prepared scenarios that were very evident nowadays with the strong influence of technology in our lives. Once again, there was a show of great acting skills!  Good job parents!

It was a very informative seminar for our parents as they were made aware of the effects of media/ technology on their child’s development. Our parents were also equipped with strategies that can be used both inside and outside their homes on how to teach their children to be safe and smart with all this technology and for the parents to have a stronger connection with their children as our world gets more digital.

“Earn the respect and confidence of your children through your loving relationship with them.”- Howard Hunter