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Reedley is now a certified “School of Character”!

Friday, July 13, 2018

“To be effective in schools, character education must involve everyone—school staff, parents, students, and community members—and be part of every school day. It must be integrated into the curriculum as well as school culture. When this happens and school communities unite around developing character, schools see amazing results.”



On May 10 2018, Character Education Philippines (CEP) visited Reedley for the School of Character Accreditation, wherein observations and in-depth discussions with our students, parents, and teachers took place regarding the school’s effectiveness in promoting character formation.

Upon reviewing their findings and deliberate evaluation from this visit, Reedley International School was awarded the title “School of Character” by the Center for 4th and 5th Rs Asia, otherwise known as the Thomas Lickona Institute for Asia.

CEP is a private initiative to establish the Philippine version of a pioneering group in the US, which has been working to benefit society through school reforms that address not only academics, but also moral, social, emotional, and ethical issues. They provide the tools, methods, and strategies to empower teachers, parents and community members to help schools achieve the important goals of character development.

CEP Philippines is an International Affiliate (formerly CEP U.S.) based in Washington DC, USA.


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  • November 11, 2020

    Synchronous classes and extracurricular activities are suspended tomorrow, November 12, 2020.

Founded in 1999, RIS is a private, non-sectarian, non-traditional, co-educational school in Pasig City, Metro Manila with the mission and vision of nurturing globally competent and kind students in a happy and caring environment.

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