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News and Updates

Reedley teachers and staff attend Google training


In the pursuit of providing the best professional development opportunities, Reedley’s HR Department invited Edxis Consulting Group Philippines to offer a training workshop entitled, GOOGLE APPS FOR EDUCATION (GAFE), for both Reedley faculty and staff.

The objective of the GAFE Workshop was to help teachers and staff build dynamic, 21st century learning environments for students to learn. Mr. David Mercado, Edxis lead trainer, facilitated the whole day session last October 24. What a learning experience it was, especially for those who are not as adept in Google applications! The training team showed the participants that Google Apps were user-friendly and this introduction removed any existing anxieties about them.

Everyone had the chance to discover the power of Google Apps, especially during the hands-on exercises.  Teachers and the staff explored Google Drive, Google Docs, Google, Presentations, Google Forms, etc.  Some lucky participants even had the opportunity to experience using the Chromebook, an innovative version of the laptop!

All were able to navigate the Gmail interface and manage Google Calendar. Mr. Joseph Tanpoco, CEO of Edxis, and Gian Miranda, Executive Director of Edxis, showed Reedley how easy and helpful this was, especially in creating and sharing folders to lessen the use of papers and for the scheduling of appointments.

Applying all this new information will definitely improve the working and learning environment and will be something to look forward to as Reedley advances to a more hi-tech future!