5 Activities for a Productive and Memorable Summer with Your Kids

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Parents and Daughter Play Football. Guys Smile.

Your children may not have been able to fully take advantage of the time they spend at home. There’s no need to worry because there’s still two months of summer left. If you’re a parent who wants to fully maximize this time for your child, consider engaging in activities that would make this summer with your kids both productive and memorable.

We’ll be sharing here suggestions on how to get creative with how you spend time with your kids, even within the confines of your own home. Continue reading to learn more.


Backyard camping

As the COVID-19 virus persists, there are very few opportunities for your child to spend time outdoors. Summer should have been the perfect time for many trips and activities, but you can still have your outdoor time right in your own yard! If you’ve always wanted to have a backyard camping trip with your child, then now is the perfect time to do so.

You don’t need an expensive tent to do this activity — you can try building a makeshift tent that requires only a few sturdy twigs, some clips, and warm blankets. Some fun camping activities you can do include stargazing in the evening or identifying plants surrounding you. Complete the experience with popular camping food like s’mores or grilled cheese sandwiches.



Gardening is a great way to teach your child a sense of responsibility. Additionally, the things required to maintain and cultivate a garden can also develop the qualities of patience and diligence in your child.

To start this activity, make sure you have appropriate materials such as simple seeds that are in season. Allow your child to have some creative freedom on choosing the plant they want — after all, they’ll be the ones who’ll be caring for it.

When it comes to using tools, make sure you’re supervising your child and informing them of the safety equipment they need to be wearing while gardening.


Cooking and baking

The two months of summertime are also best spent on learning new skills in the kitchen. This is the perfect opportunity for both you and your child to learn cooking and baking.

As with learning anything new, make sure that you allow your child to start with simple recipes that don’t really require specialized equipment. Make sure both of you are working with healthy recipes without sacrificing the flavor and quality.

Always ensure you’re within reach of your child whenever they may need assistance in using ingredients or handling cooking equipment such as knives or frying pans.


Book reading

You may think that book reading may be too cumbersome for your child — but this is actually one of the best ways they can train themselves to increase their attention span.

Choose books of good literary value, beautiful illustration (for the little ones), that deal with the true, the good, and the beautiful.  This will open up a whole world for your child, while also helping him develop skills in vocabulary, grammar, and enforcing the habit of attention.



You’ve probably heard that exercise is the perfect activity to improve fitness and overall physical function. Summer is the best time to do sweat-breaking activities that both you and your child will love. Living a sedentary lifestyle isn’t really advisable as this may make anyone prone to illnesses — something which you wouldn’t want to happen to anyone in your family, especially during this time.

Make sure you allow your child to work their way up from simple exercise activities, towards more complex ones. Coupled with proper eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, your child would eventually have the initiative to do some exercises without your assistance.


Key Takeaway

You and your child wouldn’t want just let the two months of summer go to waste. As they prepare themselves for distance learning, it would also help if their summer experiences are rich and fulfilling.

Some of the activities for a productive and memorable summer with your kids include cooking, reading, and gardening. The freedom to do a lot of things during summer should be maximized — and there’s no better way of achieving this than to engage in life skill-building activities.


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