Nurture Optimism in Your Child With These Strategies

Friday, May 4, 2018
Nurture Optimism in Your Child With These Strategies

Not many people may be aware, but optimism is actually something you could nurture in children. In fact, it is vital for them to learn it early on because it allows them to be more resilient and determined in the face of challenges.

The best international schools in Manila recognize this and do their best to instill this kind of mindset in their students. After all, these private schools in the metro provide not only a world-class education, but instill character as well. However, it is important to remember that the home is ultimately where children develop their own core values and general outlook towards life; it is where parents could teach them lessons that will help them deal with the future.

There are a few strategies that you could implement in your own household. You could find some of them below.


Embodying Optimism as a Parent

It is a well-known fact that parents are the first hero figures in a child’s life. Children look up to their parents and go through different stages of character mimicking.

If you find yourself with the task of trying to develop positivity in your children, then you could show them what it means to go about things in an optimistic manner. In short, be a person that takes action supported by positive thinking.

For example, when you are planning a vacation with your family and your expectations fail, instead of lingering on that feeling, you could focus on the bright side of things—such as looking forward to all the new things you are about to experience.


Dealing with Failures Positively

Some parents like to hover over their children so that they never fail in their endeavors. However, this is not an ideal approach because it teaches kids that failing is always a bad thing. Instead, you could educate them that good things could come from one’s shortcomings.

An example of how to deal with failures positively is by focusing on the various things your children learned from the entire experience. You could also ask them how they plan to apply these things next time so they can do a better job.


Learning How to Face Self-Doubt

All people experience self-doubt, no matter how optimistic they could be. The right way to tackle it is not by avoiding it, but by facing it head-on.

When your kids are facing a difficult problem or situation, ask them these questions (and reassure them with the following answers):

  • Question: Will this problem bother you a year from now?

Answer: Things take time to settle; all problems have their own duration and will pass.

Answer: The first thing you need to do is to recognize your weaknesses. No one is good at everything, but you can work on these things so you can end up getting better at doing them.

  • Question: Are these unpleasant feelings going to follow you for the rest of your life?

Answer: These feelings will only linger if you let them. Always believe that there’s a way for you to fix the problem.


Listening to Your Children’s Problems

Be an affectionate parent. Make special time for you and your children, and take them seriously when they are expressing themselves. Try not to be judgemental or dismissive about their feelings.

Optimism is a product of motivation. So do try to reinforce unconditional love and support at home (and at school) by providing them with these cornerstones of positivity:

  • A sense of competency
  • A sense of self-actualization
  • A sense of interconnectedness and belonging


Key Takeaway

Children could face many challenges in every aspect of their life: at home, at the classroom, or while studying at the best international school in Manila.

As a parent, you could make sure that they are exposed to nurturing environments because the development of a positive attitude when going about things assures a happy and fulfilling life ahead.


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