Practical Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Stage Fright

Thursday, August 15, 2019
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Whether your child studies at an international school in Manila or elsewhere, stage fright is something that is common among students and is a condition that both children and adults experience.

Stage fright can cause your child to feel nervous and anxious. Although it may prevent her from performing to an audience or speaking in front of the class, overcoming stage fright will empower her to conquer her fears and ultimately become a better performer or speaker. Here are the best ways to deal with stage fright and help your child present at her best.


Practice makes perfect

One reason why your child might experience stage fright is due to lack of preparation. This is why it is best to try and motivate her to practice until she is comfortable with her performance.

This will not only allow her to perform excellently but also lessen the anxieties that come with standing in front of an audience. If you have a child that is going to perform in a play or a recital, it is best to give her more than enough time to rehearse and master her lines or musical notes to a point where she is able to remember them by heart.


Relax the mind and body

Stage fright causes worries and anxiety, which can lead the body to become tense and enter a state of panic. It is best for your child to avoid this stressful panic by utilizing techniques that can relax the body.

You can teach your child to do some exercises such as deep breathing, which helps ease the body and enter a state of calm steadiness. Along with doing exercises that can help alleviate your child’s nervousness, having a good meal is also a great way to prepare, as it energizes the mind and body, enabling her to be as sharp as possible for her presentation.


Visualize Success

One of the worries that your child might experience before getting up on stage is the fear that she may commit mistakes and embarrass herself. This can drastically affect her confidence and become even more problematic when these feelings manifest once she steps on stage. These thoughts are only natural, especially when your child knows that she has to perform in front of her teachers, peers, parents, and even strangers.

One great way to conquer this fear is to try and shift your child’s perspective more towards an optimistic outcome. Whether it be in academics or on stage, teaching your child to visualize success will embolden her to purely focus on doing her best.


Key Takeaway

Stage fright can happen to anyone. And although it can rattle your child, encouraging her to improve her skills and develop confidence can make her feel more comfortable in front of a crowd. By following these effective steps, you will be able to help your child vanquish her fears and give it her very best on stage.


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