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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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How to Promote Creative Thinking at Home

blog post

Creativity, in the truest sense of the word,pertains to the use of original ideas through imagination. It is one of the most crucial attributes that need to be instilled, nurtured, and developed during the younger years.

Parents with kids studying in the best international schools in Manila can rest easy knowing that they provide students with more opportunities to improve on their skills and interests.

However, it is at home where you can show unlimited support for them practicing their chosen skill. Aside from sending them to a private school, you could also foster a culture at home that is conducive to honing their creativity.

Listed below are some tips for cultivating a creative home environment for your child.


Celebrate Creative Expression by Providing Resources

If you have a young child, give her an allotted space for imaginative play, one that will allow her imagination and creativity to flow. Whether it be painting, playing dress-up, or filling the area with a barrage of toys and Legos, allow for this space to be child-directed and unstructured.

Supply her with art supplies, costumes, building materials, etc. You may also cover the walls with decorative figures of expression.

Do not be afraid to also share your own artistic interests and tell her about various artists, musicians, and scientists to spark inspiration and open up new worlds of exploration and adventure.


Allow Freedom to Explore Different Ideas

Incline your child towards flexible thinking by abolishing external constraints. In other words, do not enforce ‘coloring within the lines.’ As much as possible, promote an out-of-the-box line of thought and motivate him to go beyond his comfort zone, which is one way for him to have new experiences and ideas.

Apart from that, incite innovation by allowing him to make discoveries through mistakes and failures. It is, after all, unhealthy for children to live in a constant fear of failure—this will serve nothing but thwart their creative faculties.


Encourage the Flow of Divergent Thoughts

Creativity and problem solving go hand-in-hand. Let your child disagree with you from time to time and encourage her to look at things in multitudes of ways. Make it clear to her that there is more than one route when it comes to finding a solution.

An excellent time to do this is when your child successfully solves a problem (a mathematical problem for instance)—ask her to solve it again, but encourage her to use a different approach this time.

By doing so, you are promoting an out-of-the-box thinking that she could use in the school setting.


Key Takeaway

At its very core, creativity is all about finding different ways to do or go about things—it is, ultimately, linked with innovation.

As a parent, you want your kid to receive top education and creative opportunities. By enrolling her in one of the best international schools in Manila, you are ensuring that she gains all the support she could get to hone her skills.