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Reedley Senior High School Students Pay It Forward through Create.Become.Advocate


Antipolo, Rizal — Senior High School students of Reedley International School conducted “Kintsugi: An Anti-Bullying Campaign” that centers around the concept of healing and understanding.

Lead by SHS 11 – ABM, various Senior High School and Upper School students facilitated modules on self-worth, what to do when you encounter bullying and what it takes to have a bully-free community to students of Antipolo Integrated School in Rizal Province.

The last module included an activity wherein the participants wrote the bad names that they have been called in the past. The hush that enveloped the room was palpable as the participants struggled to write the hurting words that others have used to described them. As the activity progressed, participants were asked to tape over these words and change them into positive words to help them heal, not forget, the hurt that they felt and use this healing to move forward and be stronger.

Students of Antipolo Integrated School thanked the Reesians for helping them be better people and for showing them what needs to be done to appreciate others.

Angel Primicias, from SHS 11 – ABM said, after the program, “It’s fulfilling to hear that you have helped others.”

While the students of Antipolo Integrated School were thankful for what Reesians have brought to their school, the truth is, the Reesians were even more grateful for they were given the opportunity to share something they believe in and are truly proud of.