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Reesians Attend the 19th Annual Model United Nations Assembly

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
19th Annual Model United Nations Assembly

February 13, 2017, World Health Organization Headquarters, United Nations Avenue, Manila, Philippines — Students from Senior High School and Upper School represented Reedley International School in the 19th Annual Model United Nations Assembly organized by the Rotary of Makati. This yearly event draws participants from various international schools, including the Brent International School system, Stonyhurst, and British School Manila.

While the United Nations is a place where world leaders meet to discuss important issues, a congregation of some of the most powerful political figures in the world and a who’s-who of presidents, Prime Ministers and other heads of state, the MUNA is simulation of these proceedings for college and high school students while representing the interests of a given nation in a simulation of the actual United Nations committees such as the Security Council, Human Rights, and Environment. Students draft and debate resolutions and policies in a glimpse of the world of international diplomacy and governance.

This year, Reedley International School’s delegates included Mark Nacar, Gaby Capule, JJ R. Decena Jr., Timothy Siao, Carla Reyes, and Ella Que. Timothy Siao was also asked to Chair the Security Council this year. It was an amazing experience for the participants as they learned to take a stand and fight for a cause with the power of reason alongside gaining insight into the intricacies of legislation and worldwide relations.

All in all, MUNA is surely an experience that the representatives will never forget and will treasure forever as it not only tested their powers as speakers and thinkers but imparted lessons as well.

In the words of the delegate of Spain, Carla Reyes: “It was not only an experience that allowed me to challenge my intellectual ability, but it also gave me a chance to meet new people who taught me a lot about being brave and speaking out.”

The Model United Nations Assembly is not just for those who enjoy and are already well versed in world issues and current affairs, it is also for those who simply want to do some good by dealing with such issues alongside the fun of being with one’s peers and friends. This event forges future politicians and diplomats, giving them the skills they need to become effective peacemakers who act with the benefit of the world in mind. The Model United Nations Assembly 2017 was an event that allowed the young to realize their potential to change the world for the better. It was a conference where the best and brightest who had the most knowledge on world issues didn’t matter for it was those truly willing and dedicated to fostering peace and prosperity worldwide were able to shine.


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