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News and Updates

Reedley Welcomes Back Dr. Yeap Ban Har


As part of Reedley International School’s commitment to continued professional development, the school welcomes back Dr.Yeap Ban Har, principal of Marshall Cavendish Institute, a leading global professional development institute for Singapore Math.

Dr. Yeap (pronounced as Yap), holds a concurrent appointment as the director of curriculum and professional development at Pathlight School. He is a notable researcher, author of our Math books, teacher in the area of mathematics education, and sought-after trainer in the Asian region as well as in the Western parts of the world.

This is Dr. Yeap’s third visit to Reedley to give a follow-up training to our Math teachers. In the previous two years, teachers have learned the fundamentals of Singapore Math. This year, Dr. Yeap moves the Reedley Math program forward through lesson studies, incorporating differentiated instruction in Mathematics, and workshop on pedagogy.