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RKS Reading Recital: One World, Many Stories


The ability to read is important for a variety of reasons. This skill is one of the most fundamental things that young children should be able to develop to prepare them for lifelong learning. There are so many wonderful things that reading brings to children: comfort, confidence and security, relaxation, happiness, and fun! Reading books allow children to go on adventures, explore the world, and learn about other people and cultures.

Last April 2017, children from Reedley Kindergarten School showcased their reading abilities at the Lee Kuan Yew Hall in an event entitled “ONE WORLD, MANY STORIES”. The kindergarteners not only showed how well they have progressed in reading and the language arts, they also took the audience on a magic carpet ride, travelling to Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, and Asia, through the stories they shared.

For their finale song, the Kindergarten students sang and danced to the song, “One World, Many Stories”. Truly, reading is an amazing and powerful thing, taking readers to a completely different world, another country, or a different place in time. As the song goes: “Books can take you ’round the world; anywhere you want to go!”