8 Signs That Your Child Has a Good Teacher

Saturday, March 25, 2023
8 Signs That Your Child Has a Good Teacher

What are some signs that your child has a good teacher?

  1. The teacher has been professionally trained.
  2. The teacher is enthusiastic about their subject matter.
  3. The teacher connects with you and provides actionable feedback.
  4. The teacher handles struggles and social conflicts well.
  5. Your child talks about their teacher even when unprompted.
  6. Your child imitates his or her teacher.
  7. Quieter students start participating in class.
  8. Students enjoy going to school.

A good teacher makes all the difference when it comes to educating your child. As a parent, it’s one of your priorities to make sure your child is taught by someone who not only knows the subject matter but also knows how to encourage children to learn. Here are some signs your child has a good teacher.

The Teacher Has Been Professionally Trained

It’s a prerequisite that teachers have the appropriate training in their respective subjects or fields. This is important because not everyone can develop the mettle to deal with students unless they have been adequately prepared for it.

In the Philippines, teachers must have a bachelor’s degree in education. It’s also required for them to have at least 18 units in Professional Education. Many schools also require their teachers to have taken and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers – many fresh graduates choose to take this a few months after graduation.

That’s just the first condition. Since there’s more to being a good teacher than the basic requirements, let’s now focus on the things that set good teachers apart from the rest.

The Teacher is Enthusiastic about the Subject Matter.

A good teacher is enthusiastic and encouraging, especially when it comes to their own subject. This is because they want their students to be interested in the subject they teach and they understand why it’s important for the students to learn their lessons.

Good teachers recognize that what they impart in the classroom will be used in the real world, and so they want their students to absorb the information as well as develop a passion and drive for learning.

The Teacher Connects with You and Provides Actionable Feedback

As the child’s parent, you are their primary educator. It’s from you that they will learn values, habits, and quintessential parts of their personality. As someone who will also be teaching your child for a year or two, a good teacher will see the importance of collaborating with you and working with you. They should be open to sharing insights with you about your child, and their feedback should be more than just praise—actionable tips are better for your child’s improvement, after all.

The Teacher Handles Struggles and Social Conflicts Well

For students of any age, social conflicts will always be present because growing up means navigating a world that’s full of varying opinions and opposition. Most teachers know this, but rather than stepping back and letting conflicts run their course, the best teacher uses conflict as a way to educate their students about the world and foster better communication and camaraderie.

Your Child Talks about Their Teacher even when Unprompted

When students like their teacher, it shows — especially in the case of younger children. They are eager to share stories of their experiences that they found interesting and enjoyable — and in the case of school, hopefully, those good things involve their teacher.

Pay attention when your child talks about what happened to them that day or what they learned in class. Ask questions and encourage interaction—that way, you’ll know whether your child is really developing the values you want the school to instill.

Your Child Imitates His or Her Teacher

Another way to see if your child likes their teacher is if they tend to imitate said teacher. Children find role models in the people around them, including their parents and authority figures. So, if your child is picking up habits or patterns from their teacher, let them! It’s a way to let them develop good habits and connect more with like-minded people outside your home.

It’s important to note at this point that it isn’t just about your child liking their teacher—it’s about them having someone to look up to and admire, someone who encourages them to pay attention and learn in school!

Quieter Students Start Participating in Class

Speaking of encouraging students to learn, good teachers know their students well. They know who’s quiet and reserved, as well as who’s outgoing. More importantly, they shine the spotlight equally on all students regardless of personality. They encourage quieter students to speak up, and louder students to give others a chance to speak. But they do so positively and without shaming any student. It’s a delicate balance, but if your child’s teacher knows how to tread this line, then you know they’re a good one.

Students Enjoy Going to School

Finally, the most telling sign that your child has a good teacher is if your child and their classmates enjoy going to school. A good teacher makes all the difference when it comes to whether or not your child will want to go.

Good teachers resolve conflicts peacefully and positively. They encourage students to learn. Most of all, they instill a love of discovery, experimentation, and learning in their students. All of these contribute to an experience children can genuinely enjoy. So if your child likes going to school, you have one person to thank—their teacher.

Key Takeaway

Good teachers are always learning, so don’t expect to see all these signs your child has a good teacher at once. Just one or two of these is enough to tell you that your child’s teacher is doing well, and it’s likely that they are also improving themselves to be better.

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