5 Steps to Help Your Child Study Independently While On Distance Learning

Friday, September 17, 2021
5 Steps to Help Your Child Study Independently While On Distance Learning

Most children need some extra help when learning how to study independently. While their personality can play a role in their willingness to learn, receiving the right motivation goes a long way in helping them become independent. Especially during this current set-up of online schooling, parents need to make extra effort to encourage their children’s good learning habits. Here are a few steps to take to help your child study independently while on distance learning.


Let your child take control

When it comes to classes, most kids are familiar with their education being controlled. When a child feels there is too much or too little control, they may withdraw from learning. So, while it’s important to guide your kids through the learning process, it’s just as important to allow them to take control of their learning pace. By giving them control, you help them become more comfortable with independence. When they’re more comfortable, they’re less likely to shy away from independent learning.

A good way to promote this is to provide them with options. For example, when they have a writing assignment, allow them to choose the topic on their own. When choosing extracurricular activities, you can also let them control what kind of activities they want. This way, they’re more engaged and motivated to decide on their actions.


Help them create a schedule that works for them

Some children can struggle without a schedule. So, help them create a flexible routine that they feel best reflects their school responsibilities and hobbies. Talk with them about how it’s working over a few weeks. Help them make adjustments where needed, and make sure each segment is reasonable. This helps them develop organizational skills, self-management skills, and responsibility.


Create a conducive environment for learning

Children need a place where they can concentrate on learning. In a noisy and cluttered environment, their brain will struggle to focus, which can cause them to become frustrated with independent learning. So, designate a place meant for concentration and schoolwork only. For example, they might have a small desk in a specific area of their room. Have them step away from this area when they take breaks or are finished with their work. By doing this, we help train their brains to focus better when they’re studying.


Acknowledge their accomplishments

Recognizing and celebrating your child’s achievements can be a great motivator for their independent learning habits. No matter how small these may be, acknowledging their wins can give them some much-needed positive reinforcement. As a result, they are more motivated to continue independent learning and tackling new challenges in school. For example, doing well on a test can be rewarded with by treating them with their favorite snack. Or, finishing a difficult assignment can be verbally praised. These small actions can go a long way in promoting their good study habits.


Follow your kid’s learning style

Every child has preferences and methods that are best suited to their style of learning. Some kids might learn visually, while others prefer physical demonstrations. While others will have a dominant learning style, others may prefer using a mix to learn. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to learn — what’s important here is that you understand how your kid learns best. With this in mind, you can help them find ways to explore their lessons with methods that improve their quality of learning.


Key Takeaway

In this new learning environment, parents may have to rethink how to help their kids develop their study habits. To help them thrive, use these steps to help your child study independently during distance learning. Using these tips, they can better meet the demands of online classes and learn to be self-motivating and responsible students.


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