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News and Updates

United Nations Celebration 2015: Contributions to the World


The United Nations Week celebration is one of the major activities of the Social Studies Department. It aims to bring out excellence among students. Prior to this week, students from Junior High and Upper School were doing researches and gathering data that later became an academic paper which also served as the basis of their creative museums.


This year’s theme was on Contributions to the World. The research papers were based on guide questions that focused on several areas, such as, Country Profile, Significant Movers, Places to Visit, Culture, and Contributions to the World.


Last October 12 and 13, our Junior High and Upper School Reesians opened their doors to the whole Reedley community to see and visit their awe-inspiring and informative museums. It was a very thrilling and enriching experience for the students, learning more about each country and understanding how nations thrive and contribute to society.


The celebration ended on October 14, with an awarding ceremony, which honored the winners and best museums.