5 Ways to Keep Your Child Learning During the Summer

Friday, June 11, 2021
A woman with child makes dishes in a pottery

Online classes may not start until August, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways to keep your child learning during the summer. This doesn’t mean going back to books and encouraging them to solve math problems. It simply means figuring out unique and fun activities that can help your child avoid what psychologists call “brain drain” or learning loss as they navigate through their summer days.

Although this summer is the perfect time for your children to kick back, relax, and enjoy an hour or two of watching TV or playing video games, why not include learning activities? These may help them develop new skills useful for the upcoming year, while also making them feel that their summer break was well spent. Check out these tips below!


Grow A Plant

There’s nothing like spending a few moments outside and breathing in fresh air. Aside from the amazing health benefits that safe outdoor activities provide, like growing a plant or exploring one’s own garden, these may also provide your child with developmental benefits they can use to their advantage.

Gardening with your child, in particular, allows them to observe firsthand through their senses. They can plant seedlings, feel the grass, and try to identify different parts of a flower. By using their senses, children are able to grasp basic knowledge of gardening, as well as any scientific or mathematical concepts that go along with it. Take the initiative to help them understand how sunlight affects plant growth, what they can do to take care of it, or even simply introduce them to your garden’s flora and fauna.


Read A Book Together

Children will probably sigh at the idea of reading a book during the summer break — but this doesn’t have to be as tedious as they think. Reading a book together can actually be fun and enjoyable for both parents and kids, especially when parents try to develop a deep enthusiasm for the activity.

For this activity, choose books with good literary value, with stories that promote positive messages or moral lessons. Take your child’s interest into consideration by allowing them to pick books they want to read.

Reading books together is a great way for your child to learn new words, connect ideas together, or even come up with their own stories. Make a habit of reading even a short story at least once each day to cultivate their love for learning.


Learn A New Skill

There’s no other perfect occasion to learn a new skill than during summertime. Because the start of classes is still weeks or even months away, your child will have the time to find a new passion that they can hone and practice, long after summer is over.

For example, you can pass onto your child some skills that you’ve also learned in your childhood, like cooking, baking, or even playing sports. Or you can even enroll them in tutoring classes, especially when learning to play an instrument — it all depends on your child’s preferences.


Play Math-Based Games

Math doesn’t have to be a bore. Your child doesn’t have to spend hours trying to solve complex math equations during the summer. Instead, you can change the way they look at this subject by adding creative elements, like gamification.

Some ways to make math more fun for your child, for example, is by implementing a rewards system tied with other activities. Let’s say you’re having a family game night. You can arrange a trivia night featuring math questions or other questions that may be related to your child’s lessons. Come up with rewards that they will look forward to at the end of the game, and encourage them to answer and think about answers for themselves.


Start On a Creative Project

Another great way to learn and at the same time get your child out of boredom during the summer is by working on a creative project together. Whether it’s building a small backyard playhouse or making simple yet beautiful home renovations, these kinds of projects gets your child’s brain up and running.

Working on projects not only makes your child more productive, but it also helps them gain skills and understand the importance of working with other people. As a way of preparing for school, they’ll be able to develop important team-building and collaboration skills that will benefit them in group work, even while remote learning.


Key Takeaway

Some great ways to keep your child learning during the summer don’t have to be too complicated. What’s important is that you and your child start small and find opportunities to learn at home, whenever possible.

Simply reading a book with them, for example, can already encourage creative thinking in your child. On the other hand, the more hands-on activities enable them to keep moving and avoid undue idleness, as is the case with many students over the summer. Whatever the case, make it a point to constantly encourage your child and find a summer learning activity that they — and even you — will enjoy.


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