As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.


As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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Letter to Parents: Reduced Tuition Fees for SY 20-21

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we conclude the 2019-2020 school year, I extend to every family a heartfelt thank you for your confidence in Reedley even during these challenging times. The school year 2019-20 has successfully come to a close. The Reading of Honors and graduations have been completed. Congratulations to all our students for your achievements. A special congratulation to the Class of 2020! These accomplishments would not have been possible without you, dear parents and guardians. Thank you for your support!

We had announced that the first term of the new school year would be delivered via distance learning, with the expectation that we can start on-campus classes in the second term. However, the Department of Education has announced that face-to-face classes may be postponed until a vaccine for covid-19 is available.

In light of this new development, the school has adjusted the allocation of its expenses on the assumption that we will be on a pure distance learning platform for one full year and has reduced its tuition fees for the school year 2020-21 accordingly. If face-to-face classes resume within the school year, additional fees may be collected.

Below is a summary of the adjustments in tuition fees and other concessions that the school has made to lighten the financial burden of our parents during these trying times.

1. The school did not implement the seven percent (7%) increase in tuition that had been approved by the Department of Education.

2. In addition, the school is giving a P20, 000 all-in discount across all grade levels. This will be deducted from the initial payment upon enrollment.

3. Those who have already enrolled will receive a refund of P20, 000 through check payment or bank transfer arrangement.

4. We are extending the deadline of enrollment to July 3, 2020.

5. We are waiving all interest penalties on late payments from January 1, 2020 up to June 30, 2020 for all students with tuition fee accountabilities as of today.

What makes the Reedley distance learning program different from what other schools and homeschooling institutions offer?

  • The Reedley distance learning system aims to achieve the same level of teacher-student contact that occurs during on-campus learning. Our hands-on teachers provide a high degree of observation of student work, interaction with students, authentic assessment of progress, timely feedback, and personalized guidance.
  • While on distance learning, the school through its caring teachers maintains the same nurturing and supportive environment that is the hallmark of a Reedley education.
  • Reedley applies the same holistic approach to achieve a truly balanced international education. Programs to address the students’ emotional development, their character formation, andsocial skills will continue. Activities that promote community and social interaction will also be included in our online programs.
  • Reedley is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) based in California, U.S.A. and meets Philippine Department of Education standards.
  • Please see the Grade and High School Distance Learning Primers for more information.

We recognize that distance learning is a new paradigm for students and parents, and even teachers. Nevertheless, we have seen the success of distance learning at Reedley over these recent months and are confident of providing the same outstanding service to students and their parents. As circumstances change and adjustments are needed, the school stands ready to adapt to these.

Your continued faith and trust in Reedley to meet the educational needs of your children is deeply appreciated.

Thank you, and again, my congratulations!


Sincerely for all Reesians,


William E. Tackett, Headmaster