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As of March 16, 2020, all applications may only be done online until further notice. Click Apply Online Now below.

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What to Do If Your Child is a Bully

blog post

Finding out that your child is a bully at his international school in Manila or elsewhere can be a parental nightmare. But, it is your responsibility as a parent to take action as early as possible. By doing this, you are helping to raise your kid to become a better person. At the same time, you are preventing him from hurting his classmates from getting hurt in the future.

These are the different ways you can take if your child has signs of being a bully.


Give appropriate points of critique

Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem such as this is effective critiquing. Give him your honest opinion on his bullying behaviors.

However, still have points of critique which matches up with the issue. Find the exact root of his problem by researching and talking to his teachers, if possible.


Explain the Negative Consequences

By telling him the negative consequences of his actions on the people he hurt, you allow him to realize the effects of his behavior. Try your best to vocalize the facts in a logical manner. When you communicate them with less emotion, you are showing your child that he is not in charge.

Bullies do what they do because they want to feel power and attention from their victims. By being firm, you push him to focus more on the message of your words and not his ego. When he goes out of his self-centered ways, it may be easier for him to see the impact of his actions and start to feel remorse for what he did.


Encourage your child to change

Once your child starts realizing his mistake, it is now your parental duty to remind him that he can still to do better. He can still remedy the situation that caused him public embarrassment.

To properly encourage your child, try to be as compassionate as possible in your speech. For example, you can tell him “While you may feel bad about yourself, you will see this experience as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and thank it for making you grow.”


Key Takeaway

Despite your efforts, you can never predict if your kid will become a bully at school or not. If he does, do not think that he is a lost cause. You can stop him from exhibiting bullying behaviors to others by doing these recommendations while he is studying at an international school in Manila or elsewhere.