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How to Help Your Withdrawn Child Become More Socially Confident

blog post

If your child is withdrawn at her international school in Manila, it could be due to a number of factors but one of the most common reasons could be low-self-esteem.

Low self-esteem can make children feel uncomfortable around groups and afraid of trying new things. Because of these effects, many of them may end up struggling with depression and other mental health issues.

It can be vital to help your shy child become more socially confident to prevent these issues from happening in the future. These are the different ways that you can help her:


Encourage the pursuit of different interests

Every child has an interest she wants to pursue. It could be learning a new dance, art, or even a chore in the house. As a parent, it is important to encourage your child to pursue her desired hobby.

By motivating her to go after her interests, you are building her self-confidence. This could make her more secure around people as a result.

When a child has a positive opinion about herself, she starts to see her peers in the same light. By loving herself, she will find it easier to connect with her schoolmates and proactively befriend them.


Allow your child to make choices

Unfortunately, children may sometimes feel too stifled by the adult figures in their lives. By not letting your child make her own decisions, you are slowly lowering her self-assurance around people because you have been making her feel incapable of responsibility.

If you tend to shame her for her choices, she may also start to feel that her classmates will do the same thing. This can stop any child from socializing.

Thus, it is important that you allow your child to make her own choices. You can do this step by step. For example, include her when making family plans by allowing her to give her own suggestions. Or you can simply ask her about the goals that she would like to reach in a definite timeline.

What is most important is that your child does not feel too pressured about making mistakes.


Invite your child’s classmates

Sometimes, you have to create opportunities that can help your child make friends, and you can do this by inviting her classmates over. This can help your kid enjoy their company more because play acts as a good foundation for friendships to grow.

Not only do these hangouts allow her to develop new friendships, but it will also allow her to practice her social skills.


Key Takeaway

A reclusive child is never a lost cause. As a parent, you can help her get out of her shell by encouraging her to pursue her interests and positively teaching her how to bond with classmates at her international school in Manila. In time, you will see her transform into her more confident self.