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Simple Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

blog post

Creativity makes life interesting and fulfilling; it opens infinite doors of possibilities to be explored. For children, it comes naturally as it provides them an avenue for self-expression. However, it is important for parents to continue to nurture it. Allowing them to go to an international school in Manila and enrolling them in various classes are some of the ways you can cultivate it.

There are also a few things you can do on your own to encourage their creativity. Here are some of them now:


Allow Children to Explore Their Imagination

One of the easiest methods you can encourage your children to explore their imagination is through play. As much as possible, don’t limit the ways they play or entertain themselves. Remember, every child has her own avenue for amusing herself; it could be through computer games, toys, or books.

When you are shopping for their games or toys, bring them with you and let them choose which ones they like. Keep in mind, however, that restrictions need to be set when it comes to violent video games and the like.


Show Interest in Their Creations

Children love making things—drawings, songs, and even stories. When they present them to you, avoid ending your conversation with “Wow” or “Amazing!” Ask them about the process, ideas, and inspirations that led to their masterpiece and let them go on for as long as they can. Don’t cut them off; give them time to articulate all their thoughts.

Doing this not only encourages creativity; this should also help you understand their perspectives, which could greatly help you get to know them further.


Encourage Sharing of Thoughts and Ideas

Creativity doesn’t only apply in art, music, and dance subjects; it can also be used in STEM subjects. After all, it entails your children coming up with fresh ideas and exploring new avenues to solve a problem.

You can foster this type of creative thinking and ingenuity by encouraging your children and your entire family to hold brainstorming sessions. This would be a good exercise for critical thinking and even improve their presentation skills.


Be a Cheerleader, Not a Critic

Eventually, your children will have to deal with criticisms, but they should not have to always hear them from you. The role you have to play as a parent is that of a cheerleader and not of a jury.

Even if your kids come to you with creations that aren’t so stellar, try to respond with positivity and enthusiasm. Don’t concentrate on the negative; look for the things you like and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

Remember: encouragement works a lot better than criticism, especially when it comes to children.


Key Takeaway

Sending your children to an international school in Manila and enrolling them in classes are only some of the ways you can nurture your children’s creativity. But you can definitely take this further by following the simple ways listed above.

In the long run, this would develop your children to become the makers and problem solvers of their generation.