The Secrets of Highly Happy Kids

Monday, October 22, 2018
The Secrets of Highly Happy Kids

Although the terms ‘happy’ and ‘healthy’ are not synonyms to one another, it’s important to point out that kids who possess one of these traits are also more likely to have the other (and vice versa).

Of course, this does not mean that they would always be smiling or laughing. There are other signs that showcase happiness. For instance, students that have strong friendships with their classmates in an international school in Manila and outside of it indicate that they are content and cheerful children.

As their parents, you want a guarantee for them to remain this way. Continue reading below to find out some secrets for you to be able to do just that.


They eat right and get enough sleep

Food is what fuels our bodies and brains. However, merely consuming it is not enough. Kids should be able to eat a well-balanced diet on time.

They shouldn’t wait for hours past the regular meal time to get their food not only because it puts them in a sour mood, but this habit is also a highly unhealthy one. If you are experiencing delays in your meal times, it’s a good idea to offer them light snacks for a short while.

Sleep is another thing kids need to be happy. Although a few of them like to protest their bedtime, parents should be strict in enforcing it. This is the only way they can get enough rest at night, giving them the energy to enjoy the next day.


They are given enough freedom

It is not common for children to be make decisions. Usually, it is the parents who decide for them. Although this is being done with good intention, this should not be the case always. In time, they may grow to feel constricted.

By giving them freedom over some things, you are also granting them the opportunity to become independent, trustworthy, and happy. From time to time, allow them to choose your family’s meals. You may also ask them to participate during discussions about your house rules. In addition, let them decide about their own outfits as well as choose their extra-curriculars.


They are able to express their thoughts and emotions

Understandably, you want your kids to be happy. However, you shouldn’t forget that they have other emotions to express. Being angry, scared, and sad are all important reactions for them to experience. Asking them to always be happy is not ideal and good for their mental health.

If you believe they are unhappy, sit down with them and check why they are feeling this way. By doing so, you will understand them better and even help them with whatever it is that’s bothering them.


They are showered with unconditional love

Children are often fearful of making mistakes. Some believe that their parents might no longer show affection for them after they’ve done something wrong—no matter how big or small.

When this happens, reassure them by letting them know that there’s nothing they could do for you to love them less. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be disappointed. Tell them so and provide positive reinforcement.


Key Takeaway

Whether your children are studying in an international school in Manila or otherwise, nothing is more heartwarming than knowing that your child is happy.


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