Phrases that Promote Positive Parenting

Monday, January 8, 2018
Phrases that Promotes Positive Parenting

Being a parent has a lot of challenges – one of them is communicating with your child properly. How you communicate would affect how he acts, behaves, and socializes with others. This is why it is crucial for parents to choose their words well whenever speaking to one’s child. Words are very powerful and can be used to create a lot of positive things when used well. Parents of students in an international school in Manila learn smart parenting methods that are very helpful for interacting with their children. Here are some handy phrases that promote positive parenting:



“Take a breath”

There are a lot of times when your child would be eager and excited to do a lot of things, and this might get him tired or burned out. Therefore, it is a good practice to tell your child to pause, calm down, and take a breath.

As a parent, it is important to know how far your child can go, as pushing them too hard might cause negative behavior. Children would be happy after being told to take a break after a long day, as they know that their parents see and understand that they too need to rest every once in a while.


“You really put a lot of effort”

When it comes to complimenting and giving praise, it is important to remember to always appreciate how much effort was put into something that your child did. Appreciating the effort helps foster good behavior and strong character, as he knows that all the actions that he is doing are worth a lot. This helps him become more active and responsible since he would be able to see the value of hard work. Effort is something that needs to be developed and honed, so it is best to recognize it.


“I understand”

Sometimes, all your child wants from you is a good amount of understanding, especially when he has problems or issues with things like school, friends, and family.

Empathy is a very precious value to have, as you would be able to gain a better sense of understanding with different people. By showcasing this, your child would be able to see you as someone he could truly trust and be very comfortable with, which means that knowing that you would be able to understand him makes your bond stronger.


“I trust you”

Children tend to follow rather than take the lead while they are very young, but when they do, it would be normal for them to rely on their parents or teachers.

When taking the lead and making judgments, your child might make judgment calls that he is not sure of. By uttering this phrase to him, you are letting him know that you trust the decisions he would be making. Keep in mind that a few simple words of approval would help boost his self-esteem and help him become more confident with his actions.


“I’m sorry”

Sometimes, it is important to acknowledge your mistakes to your child, as mistakes are something that can happen on a regular basis. Being able to recognize your mistakes and apologizing to your child would help him learn how to take responsibilities seriously and how to apologize for his mistakes as well.

Some people find it difficult to say sorry due to the weight of the action and the consequences, but it is an important step to take towards empathy and deeper understanding.


“You can do better next time”

The crucial part of saying this phrase is the tone that you will use, as this may come off as too harsh for your child to hear. If delivered in a calm and understanding tone, your child would be able to become more motivated and inspired to strive for better results.

Remember that there are times when children feel that they did not do well in school. Instead of reprimanding your child, it is best to cheer him up and tell him that he can improve from it; if you could, try to teach him how he could use his failures as a learning experience.


“How does it make you feel?”

There are many instances in which children would like to speak up and are just waiting for the opportunity to do so. Letting them speak up allows them to be more confident with themselves, which will reassure them that their thoughts and opinions matter in family discussions.

Asking your child about his thoughts and decisions will also provide some valuable insights into what he is thinking at the moment and even give you some ideas on what kind of advice he needs to hear.


Key Takeaway

Proper communication is an important element in good parenting. With these essential and effective phrases, you will be able to have a better and a more open relationship with your child.


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